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Hot Well Dunes Recreation Area

Located 32 miles southeast of Safford on Haekel Road, 348-4400.

The most popular developed spa in the Gila Valley is found at the Hot Well Dunes Recreation Area, which is also administered by BLM. The 106 degree artesian well there has been channeled into two tubs.

Nearby restrooms and camping facilities make this a pleasurable spot. The area has 10 developed tent or RV units, fire grills, trash cans and numerous undeveloped sites for camping.

This is a fee area, $3 per vehicle per day. An annual permit is available for $30.

Restroom facilities, sidewalks and a fence surrounding the wells separate the off-road vehicles from the bathing areas.

The wells exist as a result of drilling for oil in the late 1920s. After drilling 2,000 feet down, the operation hit water instead of oil and it has been flowing since that time, producing in excess of 250 gallons of hot water per minute.

The Hot Wells Park is the only designated off-highway site in Southern Arizona. Riders of ATVs, motorcycles, sand rails and four-wheel drive trucks come from all over the state to ride the high and low sparsely vegetated dunes.

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