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28 Celebrities Who've Opened Up About Completing Their Families Through Adoption

Family is traditionally thought of as relations with those you share a biological connection with, but family can mean much more than being tied together through genetic lineage — and the following celebrities know that better than most.

Adoption has been warmly embraced by each of these celebrity parents for a robust variety of reasons. For some, like Rosario Dawson, adoption was the obvious path to parenthood from a young age. As Charlize Theron put it, it was never a secondary option.

Others, like Sia, struggled with infertility; some, including Hoda Kotb, were unable to conceive after battling cancer; and for those like Ewan McGregor, Lionel Richie, and Thomas Rhett, adoption felt like a matter of divine intervention.

Many of these famous figures, including Mariska Hargitay and Julie Andrews, have beautiful blended families comprised of biological and adopted children. Regardless of how their children came into their lives, these celebrities have all opened up about the joy of being adoptive parents and how their journey with adoption has profoundly changed their lives.

Read on to learn about the touching stories of how these celebrities met their children through adoption.

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