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A Woman's Breast Implant Deflected a Bullet and Saved Her Life, Doctors Say

The left implant then changed the path of the bullet and sent it away from the woman’s heart and towards her right implant with enough force that it “completely flipped” the position of the right implant upside down, the report states. The bullet then traveled through her right breast before ending up in her lower chest

According to the report, aside from the loss of her breast implants, the woman only suffered a fractured right rib, and was sent home with antibiotics to prevent infection.

Dr. Giancarlo McEvenue, a plastic surgeon and lead author of the report, told Gizmodo that the woman fully recovered after the surgery and was advised to wait at least six months before getting new implants.

The report states that “the firearm was never recovered, and the shooter remains unknown.”

McEvenue said that this isn’t the first instance in which a breast implant has protected a woman from a bullet. He and his colleagues found two other cases of silicone implants that slowed down bullets, making the gunshots non-fatal.

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