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Alternatives to alcohol-containing medicines

Antiseptic mouthwashes, juices, stomach and intestinal problems, homeopathic drops: Since time immemorial, alcohol is used in the manufacture of medicinal products. But there are people for whom even minimal quantities of Alcohol are problematic. For these patients, the pharmacy is always a suitable Alternative. The chamber of pharmacists of lower Saxony indicates.

In the pharmaceutical production of Ethanol is used, the most common Form of alcohol, among other things, as a solvent or extraction agent, as an adjuvant or a preservative. For certain herbal medicines, for example, herbs or plant parts in alcohol to be loaded and then filtered. By the well-tested standard as high as possible amounts of active Ingredient to be extracted procedure.

Warnings do not überlesen

For dry alcoholics alcohol is taboo, even in small amounts. Children, Pregnant and Breastfeeding women, epileptics and those with a liver or brain disease, should also avoid alcohol. The chamber of pharmacists of lower Saxony recommends that these patients to get their medicines, in particular in the self-medication, as a safety precaution, the pharmacist for advice. He can determine alternative dosage forms or preparations that do not contain Ethanol. In certain cases, the ethanol content of the drops is also reduced by the administration in hot water. The same applies also in the case of a prescription drug: In this case, the pharmacist discusses with the physician.

Who is safe at home, whether in the drug Ethanol is included, Supplement throws a look at the packaging or the package. All liquid medications, taken orally, must wear a clearly visible note, if they contain alcohol.


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