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Arnold Schwarzenegger shared his 9-step home workout that doesn't require any equipment to help people stay fit during the coronavirus pandemic

  • Former California governor and Terminator Arnold Schwarzenegger has used his extensive social media platform to urge people to stay home during the coronavirus outbreak to prevent the spread of COVID-19.
  • In a recent Reddit post, Schwarzenegger shared his home workout program, since many gyms have already closed.
  • It's based on body weight movement like push-ups, squats, and sit-ups — no equipment or weights required. 
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Arnold Schwarzenegger, former Mr. Olympia, Governor of California, and Hollywood action star, is among the celebrities urging the public to stay home to prevent the spread of the novel coronavirus. His most recent unique contribution: a home workout from the Terminator himself, no gym equipment required.

Schwarzenegger posted a list of exercises on Reddit on Saturday, complete with vintage photos of him performing each exercise in his bodybuilding hey-day.

The workout program, he says, should help people stay in shape even as many gyms and fitness centers have closed due to physical distancing and self-isolation orders in major cities. 

"Even without a gym, we can also control our physical fitness during this pandemic," he wrote. "Body weight, or freehand, training is the oldest method in the world."

The workout includes nine movements — push-ups, sit-ups, squats, calf raises, bent-over leg raises and twists, which require no equipment, and triceps dips, rows, and chin-ups which can be done which household items like a chair. 

He offers two different options, beginner or advanced: the exercises are the same, but the number of reps is higher for more experienced exercisers.

Regardless, good form is key, Schwarzenegger stresses, and you should split the movements into multiple sets (pausing to rest in between) to do the movements correctly. 

"Don't let your ego do the movements for you. You might want to show off to me or your friends and do 50 push-ups in one set, but if you can't do them with perfect form, I'll be more impressed by 5 sets of 10 perfect push-ups," Schwarzenegger said. 

He also offers modifications for people who may be new to the movements, such as doing push-ups at an include or dips with feet on the ground to take some of the weigh off. 

Although you can't add weight outside a gym, Schwarzenegger recommends tracking your progress by how many perfect reps you can do before stopping, and finish the workout in fewer sets over time. 

"We'll get through this together, and hopefully, we'll all emerge in a few weeks fitter than ever. Let's do this," Schwarzenegger wrote.

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