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Trend sports Jogging: is not a Problem for the back to Run

Even if, in the meantime, many measures to curb the spread of the Coronavirus have been relaxed, the possibilities for sporting activities are still limited. In addition to the home training, Jogging is especially growing in popularity. However, often it comes to back pain after the Run. Experts explain what you can do about it.

Closed fitness center, no activities in groups, social Isolation: The sporting life is narrowed while the Corona-pandemic significantly. What can do the most, however, is to Run. However, this endurance sport leads especially for beginners and novices to pain often back. But that must not be.

Running is healthy

Jogging is healthy. Scientific studies show that is Run against, in particular, cardiovascular disease is beneficial. In addition, it helps you lose weight.

The Problem with this endurance sport: the unfamiliar strain can the inside for beginners and novices lead to unpleasant back pain. The Aktion Gesunder rücken e. V. in a recent communication indicates.

The experts explain how complaints arise and how to prevent them.

Core muscles strengthen

Strong core muscles support the back muscles while running. If it is weakened, it can come to the Training to back pain. In order to strengthen the muscles of the body, are therefore, so-called stabilisation Exercises useful.

A particularly effective Exercise of the so-called forearm support, for example. For that you lay flat on a Mat, and is supported with the forearms on the floor.

Then the body is lifted from the bottom and top ensure that the body from head to toe is in a straight line. The hull is held under tension.

Release tension and discomfort to prevent

In addition to strengthening exercises, also stretching and mobilization exercises can be useful to solve already existing tension and prevent complaints.

As the campaign for Healthy backs explains, can help a fascia ball to massage tight areas. In the case of pain and muscle tension are also liable heating patches can provide relaxation.

The experts advise to pay attention to the run-of-round to change wet clothing to prevent catching a chill the muscles.

In the case of strong, radiating pain to the doctor

In some cases, a false Fußaufsatz and inappropriate footwear back pain can cause. Many people make the mistake of setting up on Jogging with the heel or the ball of the foot on the floor.

It is more useful to run on the midfoot. The ground contact forces will be spared better absorbed, causing bones, joints and ligaments.

If you want to exclude inappropriate shoes as the cause for his pain, you can have a running Shoe analysis advice.

The campaign for Healthy backs finally notes that one should consult with strong, radiating pain, a Doctor or a physician to serious disorders such as a disc, to exclude incident. (ad)