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Ballpoint pen, kills about 300 people per year

Pens are an everyday but hardly perceived risk source: Who, gnawing unconsciously at them and cap or Clip swallowed, in danger of their lives. In Germany alone, up to 300 people choke to per year to individual parts of a ballpoint pen. For comparison: By a lightning strike, there are less than ten people. The action “The safe house” (DSH) points.

Especially the loose cap of a certain ball-point pen marks can remain if swallowed slightly stuck in the throat. Therefore, a small hole in it to prevent the Choke is located. The cap is swallowed, it can be breathed in through the Opening for a little air.

First aid for ingested Fremdköbody

A First-aid measure for acute shortness of breath one other Person is asking you to bend over and beat her with the flat of his Hand hard between the shoulder blades.

The foreign body is not, solves this follows called the Heimlich, also the Heimlich maneuver. The helping Person stands behind the victim and place your fist below the Ribs and of the sternum, in the pit of the stomach of the Suffocating. On the other Hand is placed over the fist. Then the helping Person is trying to press with a firm tug to the rear, the air in the lungs upward to remove due to the pressure increase in the foreign body from the trachea.


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