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British Corona-Hero “Captain Tom” is to get a knight would

The Coronavirus pandemic in Germany medicine, politics, tourism and society firmly in its grip: More than 4.8 million people globally have become infected with the pathogen of Sars-CoV-2, 175.672 of them in Germany.

The donation collection campaign for the British health staff for the Corona-heroes ascended war II veteran Tom Moore is to be elevated to knighthood. The Prime Minister, Boris Johnson has nominated one of the 100-year-old “Captain Tom” the honorary title, such as the government in London announced on Tuesday.

With his fundraising campaign, Moore had inspired “the whole country,” said Johnson. The Veteran was a “beacon in the fog of the Coronavirus”. Formally, the knight would awarded by Queen Elizabeth, the Prime Minister, however, has a right of proposal.

Generally in the UK as “Captain Tom,” described the former captain had made a hip-OP, up to his 100. To birthday 100 Times with his Walker his 25-Meter-long garden to be riding, and sponsor. He hoped, in this way, 1000 pounds get together – but the action was so popular that Moore got a million amount for the national health service, NHS together.

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