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Brittany Mahomes Shares New Family Photos & We Can’t Resist Daughter Sterling’s Sweet Puppy Dog Eyes

It’s no secret that we think Sterling Mahomes is absolutely adorable. The 2-year-old is so stylish, her dad’s no. 1 fan, and such a sweet big sister. And if there was any question in our minds about her being the cutest little girl, mom Brittany Mahomes’ newest batch of family photos pushed us over the edge.

The fitness trainer and wife of Super Bowl-winning quarterback Patrick Mahomes posted a carousel of pictures on Instagram today of her family in Las Vegas. Patrick and teammate Travis Kelce were being charitable in the “City of Sin” yesterday, playing 2-on-2 golf against NBA teammates Steph Curry and Klay Thompson in a 12-hole game that benefited No Kid Hungry.

“We love a good golf round👏🏼,” Brittany captioned her post.

The Mahomes family had big smiles on their faces in most of the photos after Patrick and Kelce won the match. There was one, though, where Brittany was holding Sterling, and the little girl was looking off to the side with a precious pouty lip and wide puppy dog eyes. It stopped us in our tracks when we were scrolling because how could anyone ever say no to that face?! We have to guess the daddy’s girl is looking over at Patrick, trying to get the recent winner’s attention.

In the first photo, Patrick holds 7-month-old son Bronze, Brittany holds Sterling (who looks straight-faced toward the camera), and they stand side to side in front of a beautiful waterfall in front of the green. And now we want to take a trip to Vegas just to get a family photo in front of that backdrop. In the next photo, they stand in the same spot but Sterling laughs and reaches toward her brother who is not having it. In another, we get a close-up of Sterling’s captivating baby blues, and in yet another, Brittany holds both kids who we never realized look so alike! They were seen riding around in a golf cart and Bronze probably also cruised in the genius stroller Brittany has for him.

Followers loved to see the family out on the green together. “These children are just so stinking adorable!!!” “These are seriously my all-time favorite picture I swear you have the cutest family ever ❤️” And that’s saying a lot because the First Family of Football could also be America’s Next Top Models with all their incredible photoshoots.

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