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Concerts, fairs, folk festivals canceled: when large-scale events fail

Concerts, folk festivals, fairs, football games – all the major events are cancelled in Germany until the end of August due to the Corona pandemic. The heads of government of the countries, with Chancellor Angela Merkel agreed on Wednesday. What this means for you and whether you will get your money refunded, you can find here.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU), together with the Minister presidents of the länder decided that all major events in Germany up to 31. August, in principle, prohibited to be.

Specific rules for the cancellation of major events, such as the number of participants, should be taken, therefore, by the länder themselves. From the prohibition in larger concerts, were affected, among other things, festivals, fairs or Fair events protect. This limitation contributes effectively to contain the spread of Coronavirus and worry at the same time, for much-needed clarity for event organisers, including many clubs, it said.

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Event due to Coronavirus cancelled: money for Tickets refunded

Money for Tickets, travel or hotel accommodation can be, under certain circumstances, refunded. The consumer explains.

Is a event due to the Coronavirus to be cancelled, you will get your money back. Because the organizer does not comply with its performance obligations, regardless of whether he is responsible for the failure or not, so the consumer advocates. Please contact the organiser or ticket offices to get all the info for a refund.

The same applies if the event is moved, but at the replacement date can not or do not want to. According to the consumer, the Ticket can be returned and you will be refunded the ticket price and, where appropriate, even the pre – sale and shipping fees. Clauses in the terms and conditions, which will allow a return only in the case of a General cancellation, according to the consumer invalid.

Also in the case of season tickets for football games , it is possible to find the money for individual games without an audience take place, refund to let. According to consumer advocates, the Pro-rata price of a game can be claimed back, even if it is in the Terms and conditions differently. In the case of many politicians, and virologists, the prognosis is clear. Accordingly, it will be in this year, no football games with viewers more.

Tickets for fear of Corona to voluntarily return

Of course, may Tickets out of fear of Corona to voluntarily be returned, but you then have no legal right to a refund of the ticket price. Affected are dependent on the goodwill of the organiser, the consumer advocates.

The cost of a hotel room, other provisions apply. If you have booked a package travel, i.e. Ticket and a hotel room in a, you can contact in case of an event cancellation of the entire trip free of charge. If you have booked separately, it is legally more complicated If the sponsor is to blame for the cancellation, he does not have to reimburse the hotel price, if a force majeure is to be expected, then. Whether in the case of Coronavirus of a force majeure is spoken, it remains to be seen – it is probably the court will be in a fight yet. The price of the ticket but must be in any case refunded.

Also, some of the tickets of the Deutsche Bahn will be refunded. This applies for tickets to a particular destination (concert, football game, fair, etc.), which was cancelled due to the Coronavirus. Passengers who do not want to for fear of Corona in Italy-risk areas, get out of grace the money refunded. Also, if the booked Hotel (home and abroad) is under quarantine, will be refunded to the arrival. Concerned should, according to the DB at the point of sale, or the customer service channels of Deutsche Bahn apply.

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Outlook: What kind of events have not been cancelled

For the German professional football, the conference of the Federation and the länder for the Coronavirus has brought crisis, just little insights. Of the event’s ban affected up to 31. August also sporting events with spectators, are in each case whether, or where, in the Bundesliga and the 2. League spirit of the games is likely to take place, but remained open.

"The League was not a Thema", Bavaria’s Prime Minister Markus Söder (CSU) said on Wednesday during a joint press conference with Merkel and referred to the ongoing discussions in the German football League. "Whether and in what Form the spirit of the games possible sind", &quot will;.certainly demnächst" on the subject of be.

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Also to the Munich Oktoberfest, which this year from 19. September to 4. October is to be held, is at the present time, no decision. The largest folk festival in the world in the Bavarian capital Munich every year, about six million visitors are expected. According to the chief, Clemens baumgärtner, had a decision on whether to Oktoberfest will be held in 2020 is expected to fall, at the latest, in June. The writes the official Wiesn-Portal of the city of Munich.

Large music Festivals in the summer, stick to deadlines

Tens of thousands of people celebrate at the beginning of June in front of a huge stage together to rock music, in the light of the Corona pandemic, and the contact barrier utopian. "Rock on Ring" and "Rock in the Park" don’t tell the organizers so far, anyway. Also, the Metal Festival Wacken in Schleswig-Holstein is yet to take place officially. For Fans, this means uncertainty.

One reason for the Hesitation of the operator insurance issues, be the President of the Federal Association of the concert and event business (BDKV), Jens Michow said the German press Agency. Insurance will pay only if the organizers did not represent the failure of the festival. This would be the case if authorities prohibit this. "A cancellation due to the Vermutung", that such a prohibition coming, not from rich there. "As we all know, is what allows in the next few weeks and what will be prohibited, the festival organisers plan to hold the first, so that the Festival will take place kann", Michow said.

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