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Corona-crisis countries of Spain, Italy and France, solve slowly, the Lockdown

The European Corona-crisis countries of Spain, Italy and France, to initiate a gradual easing of its stringent requirements: Due to the decline in infection numbers of children in Spain since Sunday for the first time since six weeks into the open.

Other facilities in the Corona-crisis but are planned not only in Spain, as well as in Italy and France starting in may. Switzerland, Croatia, and other countries have announced for this Monday steps to the Opening-up of public life.

Children are not allowed in Spain for the first time back out there

In Spain, since the 14th century. March is one of the strictest output blocks in the world: children and young people up to 14 years were not allowed to leave the house. Now you can under the supervision of a parent only one hour a day in the fresh air. Next Saturday should be allowed to make, according to Spain’s head of government Pedro Sánchez, all of the citizens walks or Outdoor sports, if the decline in the Corona continues to Pay. The number of within a day registered deaths decreased from 288 to Sunday, the lowest level in a month. Overall Spain has a good to 23,000 Deaths, according to the United States and Italy, the highest level in the world.

Reuters A woman claps in Seville out of the window, in recognition of and support for the medical staff during the Corona pandemic.

Italy loosens from the 4. May step-by-step

The Italian government has given Block on Sunday fired the starting shot for a gradual end to the strict Corona. The country is loosening from the 4. May a number of restrictions and allows citizens, for example, more Outdoor sports and more movement possibilities in the own Region. The Prime Minister, Giuseppe Conte, announced on Sunday evening in Rome at the presentation of an overall plan for the gradual Opening of the country. Also, the economy should start in several stages.

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The government in Rome had a very strict output prohibitions for the citizens in the 10. March imposed. In addition, large parts of the economy in the EU country to a standstill.

The head of the government said on Sunday that in may, the movements are intended to be within the Region subject to compliance with certain rules. Trips to other regions were largely prohibited. Conte, citizens warned that the fight against the Virus had not yet managed for a long time. "We will also gestellt&quot in the next few months, even on a hard sample;, he said.

Italy registered since February, more than 26 600 Corona-Dead. Overall, the civilian protection was one of almost 200,000 people had been infected with the Sars-CoV-2-pathogens. Experts are also of a very high number of unreported cases. After weeks of steep rise in the Numbers, there were now over a longer period, many positive signals. The situation in the long crowded hospitals relaxed.

France takes the construction of Notre-Dame again

In France work is on Monday first, the restoration of the Paris Cathedral of Notre-Dame that had been damaged in a fire a year ago are difficult. On Tuesday, Prime Minister Edouard Philippe presents the roadmap for the easing of the Corona pads. 11. May want to gradually open the schools and companies again, and the curfew will be eased.

Reuters/Michel Euler/AP/dpa a man with A Mouth guard prior to the construction site of the Cathedral of Notre Dame in Paris.

In France, there has been of 22,600 deaths due to the lung disease Covid-19. The number of new Corona-related deaths in France has dropped significantly. Within 24 hours, 242 people have died from the novel Virus-induced lung disease.

Also Switzerland and the Czech Republic to loosen

In other European countries facilitation of open access for citizens to the week beginning: In Switzerland, are allowed to from Monday in addition to the construction and garden markets, among other things, also hairdressers, vets, dentists and beauty and Tattoo Studio.


The Czech Republic is starting on Monday for the first time, business travellers from the EU into the country. You can stay there for 72 hours. In addition, you need to a negative Corona-a Test that is not more than four days old. In Croatia, most of the shops, libraries, and museums open to the start of the week again. In Norway, we go to the elementary schools again.

Germany loosens and aggravated conditions

And how Germany stands in comparison with the Corona and Hot-Spots in Europe? In the number of Infected in the country, with more than 155,000 people, only just behind Spain, Italy and France, but, with around 5,700 much less Corona deaths. In Germany, still continuing at the end of Lockdown, but was never the focus, as in the above-mentioned Corona-high castles. Sport was not always possible. And even if there is contact or output restrictions, these are not pursued so rigorously, such as, for example, in Italy, where it is required to partially pass on the street, to be able to move it at all.

In the fight against the Corona pandemic, the next Phase starts in Germany on Monday, when the mask of duty in the public transport enters into force. In many States, a mouth is also in shops-nose-to-wear protection. In some States testing students in the schools. The number of new infections is on Sunday, according to the health offices of the Federal States, the 1,300, the number of new deaths due to Corona disease in 103 people – is decreasing all the time.

Infection, but still at a high level

The infection numbers in Europe remain at a high level: Overall, there were more than 1.36 million confirmed infections with the new Coronavirus, such as a count by the news Agency AFP revealed. The number of deaths rose to more than 122,000. Thus, Europe remains the world in the most difficult of the pandemic-affected continent.

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