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Corona: No all-clear despite the loose

In the face of falling Covid-19-case numbers, the Federal government and the countries many have decided to relaxations of the restrictions of public life. Distance and hygiene rules must be adhered to, emphasize the infection, experts from the Robert Koch Institute (RKI).

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On the way out of the Corona-Lockdown back to normal life, German Chancellor Angela Merkel and the Minister presidents of the Länder agreed this week on further steps. It is clear, however: Increasing the number of new infections, you have to be more stringent measures introduced. This is a pragmatic and sensible approach, said Professor Dr. Lars what a pity, Vice-President of the RKI. The number of new infections with the new Coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 in Germany in the last week, between 700 and 1300 per day, said what a pity. The reproduction number R treasures of the RKI to 0.65. This means that 100 Infected infected an average of 65 other people, and the propagation speed is significantly decreased.

Risk of infection increases with relaxations

The all-clear could be given in view of these Figures, stressed what a pity. "It also means a certain degree of risk, to make a further loosening. That is quite clear." Until a vaccine or an effective treatment be found, it’ll still take months. Until then, it is going to control the Virus at this low level and still allow a social life. Each must be aware that this can only be successful if he contributes by his personal behavior and a sense of responsibility to do so. The distance and hygiene rules must necessarily continue to be met.

Second wave in the fall?

When a second wave of the pandemic may be, should currently say no one. "All the signs indicate that there is no strong effect of the summer months and the rising temperatures on the Transferability of this Virus gibt", informed what a pity. May be there is a slight effect that might Express then splicing in the autumn, so that "this is certainly a time in which you must once again take a closer look."

If the behavior of the people loose so far back that it will come to increased Transfers, the threat already before the autumn a second wave. "Therefore, once again the urgent appeal: We all have it in our hands, if and when there will be this second wave. Can we affect the not through drugs or vaccines, but only by our behavior."


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