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Corona on Hamburg’s cancer ward introduced: the Sixth Patient died

The pandemic keeps Germany and the world continue to breath! Around 3.7 million people have been infected with the novel Virus-causative agent of Sars-CoV-2 – 168.320 of them in Germany.

Coronavirus-News – top stories: the circle in NRW, now far over the upper limit (13.56 PM) gather in hundreds to place in Regensburg, Germany – police intervenes (11.39 p.m.) criticism of the upper limit: First, the state wants to go its own way (08.01 PM)

Again Covid-19-a cancer patient died in the UKE

After a number of proven infections with the novel Coronavirus in the highly sensitive area of the cancer wards at the University hospital Hamburg-Eppendorf (UKE) has died another Patient. The 62-year-old lymphoma Patient had a Covid-19 infection and died early Saturday morning in the intensive care station after a long cancer disease, said the hospital. Now, it must be examined whether Covid-19 was the cause of the death of the husband.

At the beginning of April it became known that had infected 20 employees and about 20 seriously ill patients on the cancer wards with the novel Coronavirus. A total of six of the patients died, according to UKE data, in the meantime. By the end of April, the Hamburg public Prosecutor’s office has started due to the infection investigations. They concerned the person in charge of the clinic and a cleaner. Previously, two criminal complaints had been received. After a first test, a initial suspicion had been confirmed.


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