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Corona virus: Six to ten times to wash your hands seems optimal

Regular hand washing can reduce the personal risk for colds. The underpinned, a new study in "Wellcome Open Research" was published. Here, participants who had had six to ten times per day, your hands to wash, rare corona virus in the nasal swab. This could also apply to the currently rampant, novel Coronavirus SARS-CoV-2.

In the study, data were used from three winters. Thus, moderately-frequent hand washing is associated with a lower risk of infection with seasonal corona virus associated trigger frequent colds. Compared to people who washed their hands only up to five times per day, participants who did this six to ten times per day infected, to 36 percent less likely. Still more frequent hands no additional positive effect was a wash.

Dr. Sarah Beale from University College London says that the results are also for this novel Coronavirus of importance: "In view of the fact that SARS seems to show CoV-2 similar transfer mechanisms, such as seasonal corona virus, in support of these results, the statements about the protective effect of hand washing during the pandemic."

The researchers point out that the frequency of washing hands is only part of the hygiene of the hands: the duration and timing are important, such as when returning home or before meals. "Good hand hygiene should always be practiced, regardless of whether they show symptoms or not. This helps to protect yourself and to prevent the Virus is transferred unintentionally to other people in your environment wird", so Beale.