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Coronavirus: Boris reveals medical reason to leave the house – do you fit the requirement?

Coronavirus death toll rose to 54 today, putting the current number of fatalities at 355. The government has faced increasing calls to enforce tougher measures to contain the crisis and today it appears those calls have been heeded. In an announcement this evening, Boris has instructed everyone to stay at home barring exceptional circumstances.

Boris outlined the medical reasons that can justify you leaving the house. According to the PM, you can only leave the house if you have personally have a medical need or you are caring for someone with one.

Other permissible reasons include to shop for basic necessities, to engage in one form of exercise a day and travelling to and from work. 

In regards to the latter reason, Boris urges everyone to work from home where possible.

He said that the police will be given exceptional powers to enforce the rules if they are broken.

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