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Coronavirus tips: What you need to know before going to the gym – how to protect yourself

Coronavirus has caused great concern across the globe, with people eager to know the best way to reduce their risk of getting the virus, with the number of confirmed cases and fatalies rising everyday. With our normal routines thrown into chaos how can one stay healthy and fit during these trying times? When it comes to going to the gym and the spread of the virus, what are the important facts to know? 


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Many people are aware that gyms are a hotbed of germs, however, with coronavirus on the rise, does this mean one should stop going altogether and what precautions could a person taking when entering the gym? Research from Tap Warehouse revealed that Britons are upping their home workouts, but for those who are still going to gym, what are the best precautions to take to insure there is not further spread of germs.

Resent research revealed that 20 percent of Britons confess to never washing their hands when they work out at the gym. Meaning that whatever they come into contact with, the spread of germs increases. According to Dr Abigail Short from, 81 percent of Britons rarely or never wipe down the gym equipment and a shocking 46 percent of Britons never sanitise gym equipment. Dr Abigail said: “Bacteria can happily live on equipment for up to three days.” What does this mean during the coronavirus outbreak?

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Those who are still going to the gym and not taking the appropriate measures of ensuring hygiene is properly maintained are putting themselves in a “high risk” group, according to Dr Norman Swan.

Dr Swan warned that the sweaty surroundings in gyms and dirty equipment could create worrying issues.

Dr Swan noted that steam rooms are particular high breeding grounds for an increase of spreading germs and should be avoided at all costs.

“Dampness is a bad thing for spreading germs. You’ve got these big blokes pumping away and you never know, one of them might be a super spreader,” he added.

It turns out even the clothes one wears to the gym could be putting those at a greater risk of spreading the virus.

Dr Abigail said: “Gym clothes can harbour lots of bacteria due the sweat and because of the interaction between gym apparatus and public changing rooms the increase of a virus spreading increases.

“According to research, 10 percent of Brits never wash their gym clothes increasing their risk exponentially.”

Dr Abigail also revealed that the equipment people are using at the gym is more likely to be covered in bacteria which can cause staph infections.


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How to protect yourself if you are still going to the gym

Dr Asif Munaf, founder of wellness company Endocrance said: “People should aim to shower within an hour after using the gym.

“And most definitely should not sleep without showering. Otherwise many bacterial, as well as mycotic infections can spread in damp conditions, such as on sweaty clothes.

“Washing your water bottle is also extremely important.”

“Not washing your bottle regularly can create an environment for germs to thrive because of the moisture. If you thought you were off the hook because you have a metal bottle, think again.

“It doesn’t matter what material your bottle is made of, all bottles need to be washed with hot soapy water and thoroughly dried,” added Dr Abigail.

Four tips for ensuring good hygiene in the gym include:

Wash your hands – With so many people sharing the same equipment and areas at the gym, you should wash your hands thoroughly before and after. This can cut down your chances of contracting infections.

Sanitise – Even if you have a home gym, you should still be sanitising the apparatus. Use a disinfectant spray to clean the equipment and if you’re in a shared gym, it’s good etiquette to wipe down after use.

Shower – Make sure you get out of those sweaty gym clothes and shower as soon as you can in order to avoid the risk of infections.

Wash your gym bag and water bottles – Your gym bag and water bottles are perfect breeding grounds for bacteria. Wash them regularly to limit your exposure to germs.

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