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Changes in diet due to Corona

What are the effects of Corona on the diet of people in Germany? Based on the evaluation of various studies, researchers tried to the end to answer this question.

The current analysis shows the complex effects of COVID-19 on the diet. A lot of feed, therefore, currently healthier, but also increased the weight to develop some people’s problems. The results of the evaluation were published by the SRH University of applied Sciences for health.

People eat more fresh food


The Lockdown due to Corona led to more fresh foods and fewer packaged products to be consumed, reported as research team. Also, a decline in the consumption of meat was seen. However, the demand for meat, sausage and poultry is increasing, according to the society for consumer research in the meantime. The proportion of vegetarians (five percent), and vegans (one percent) in the population remained unchanged.

Why are people eating healthier now?

The above-mentioned effects are probably due to the fact that people are currently more concerned with their health, possibly out of fear of a disease COVID-19. Factors for the increase in fresh cooking could also be the feeling of self-control or the additional available free time.

Increase in the corona of the time?


Other surveys showed that people in times of Corona, the Rate of people with obesity increases, more meals than usual consumed and as a result. Many people seem to just eat out of boredom, which is possibly due to the increase in leisure time, report the researchers. 14 percent of the respondents indicated that they have increased during the corona time to weight. Ten percent of the participants reported that they have removed weight.

Sports and Corona

Due to the long closure of the fitness studios and sports people are driven to unite in General, much less sports. It was noticeable, moreover, that Sport driving, people were often willing to take more vitamin Supplement products (especially Vitamin C) to reduce their susceptibility to infections, according to the research team.

Increased demand for fruits and vegetables

It was also noted that the prices for certain foods rose in April 2020 and 4.8 percent compared with the month of April in the year 2019. The increased demand was particularly observed in the case of fruit and vegetables, and at the same time of delivery of goods in this period, also experienced problems.

Pre-cooking meals is increasing

In particular, the importance of so-called Meal Prepping (preparing or pre-cooking of meals has increased, in part, for several days, or even a complete week). This could be due to waiting for a closure of canteens and long times, and restrictions of the inlet, in bakeries and super markets, explain the researchers.

Furthermore, many respondents have also taken increasingly to supply offers from the regional gastronomy in the claim.

Swiss drinking less alcohol in corona time

Corona seems to have an impact on the consumption of alcohol. In Switzerland, the population took less alcohol. This is probably due to the lack of company. In Germany, however, could be observed that, since the easing of the lock downs, sales of the beer sales again increased, according to the research group.

What’s next after Corona?

In summary, we can say that COVID-19 has led many people to a healthier diet, which at times more fruit and vegetables is consumed. And it will be less consumed finished products, which is also beneficial for the health.

However, there are also some people who in times of Covid-19 eat more, which contributes to weight problems. And due to the temporary closure of the fitness studios and Clubs, many have not had the opportunity to play sports. It would be desirable, that people maintain to the healthier diet after Corona, in your normal everyday life again, eat less, and re-start, so the conclusion of the research team. (as)

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