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Debate on easing the Corona-measures: the Federal government and the Länder meet on a day earlier than planned

The Coronavirus pandemic, keeps the world in breath: More than two million people worldwide are already infected with the Virus 142.422 of them in Germany. To slow the spread of the Coronavirus, have placed the countries of the world some very strict rules. All the latest News about the corona virus epidemic, you can find it in the Ticker from FOCUS Online.

The heads of government of the Federation and the länder do not want to, on as originally planned, 30. April, but already on 29. April again deliberated on the development of the Corona-crisis. However, it should be very possible, that it come to no real decisions, told FOCUS Online circles in the CDU. Background: The effect of the recent loosening of marriage and family to the 8. or 9. May foresee, it said. To decide but, where necessary, the waiver of other requirements, need a solid Foundation.  

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