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Drinking four cups of coffee a day could help you lose weight, study says

If you're someone who can't get through the day without knocking back coffee to keep you going, then we might have some good news for you.

The results of a 24-week study has found that gulping down four cups of coffee each day can actually help you lose weight – but a nutrition expert has warned of other detrimental effects the habit could have on your health.

Research carried out on 126 overweight men and women in Singapore asked half the participants to have four cups on a daily basis, while the others were given a drink which was not coffee but tasted the same, and was not caffeinated.

Experts found at the end of the experiment that those who had consumed coffee over the six month period had dropped nearly 4 per cent of their body fat, according to The Sun .

Dr Derrick Johnston Alperet, from the Department of Nutrition at the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health, said: "We were indeed surprised by the observed weight loss that was specifically due to fat mass loss among coffee drinkers."

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Dr Alperet believes caffeine ramped up the coffee drinkers' metabolic process, burning more calories and aiding in dropping body fat.

He also argued that although many of us would think having four cups of coffee a day could harm our health in others ways, he claimed the volume was 'well within the current norms' – admitting that further research is needed into the case study.

But Connie Diekman, a food and nutrition consultant, warned against consuming so much caffeine on a regular basis.

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"The four cups allocated in this study appear to be on the high side of intake, so not what I would recommend," she said.

"The higher caffeine content might have helped suppress appetite."

She also said high levels of caffeine can be responsible for causing headaches, jitters, an increased heart rate and stomach pain.

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