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Experts about Coronavirus: the difference to Sars is bigger than I thought

Should spread the Coronavirus in Germany rapidly, it should also lead to a pandemic – what happens then? Are we prepared? Are we prepared? Scientists explain what they know now about the Virus.

In Germany, we are currently in a “containment phase”. Scientists, Doctors and politicians try to prevent corona virus spread. You strive long-lasting infection chain to attenuate in the population – the Same applies to all other affected countries outside of China.

Lothar Wieler, President of the Robert Koch Institute explained: “We have the hope of the Virus in many countries, curb – can’t promise we the but of course.”

China, especially Wuhan, on the other hand is a special case. “That’s where the epicenter of the outbreak, the Virus has not been treated from the outset consistently, therefore, it comes to particularly intense chains of Infection.”

China is extremely demanded

Wieler, according to the Chinese are currently extremely, therefore you could not rely on the specific Numbers and cases of the disease in the country. “The Chinese are going to manage a severe outbreak,” he explains. “You are not in the position to provide concrete Figures.”

Currently, experts expect a mortality rate of 2 to 2.2 per cent in China. That means that about 2 percent of the Infected die of the disease. Outside of China, the lethality is only 0.2 percent.

Christian Drosten, Director of the Institute for Virology, emphasized: “it is Clear that There is no guilty party. It is a natural phenomenon and no one can deal with a natural phenomenon from the beginning, perfectly.“

What can we do to prepare for a possible pandemic and to prepare?

Instead of looking with mahnendem look to China, we should deal better in terms of content, with the Virus. We should consider how we would behave in person in the case of a possible pandemic. For example, you could be in the weeks to come, especially many of the infections cancel appointments, such as parties. Also, think about whether you have people in the family, the special need of protection – something babies, elderly or sick people.

So far, Drosten, however, is clear. “At the Moment we have a Zero-risk in Germany,” explains the virologist. This assumption could remain maintained until infection cluster appearing without a connection in Germany.

Corona and SARS: the difference is Clear

So far, the scientists went out due to the high Similarity of the Coronavirus is the course similar to SARS. In fact, however, there is a significant difference between the two diseases: SARS pathogen must be inhaled and can spread in the lungs. The Coronavirus spreads, however, already in the throat. The risk of Infection is, therefore, in the latter case higher, as in the case of the flu. Therefore, the Virus can, however, also not only in the case of a serious illness, but in the case of the first cold symptoms to detect and prove.

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glomex See you in the Video: Coronavirus: number of Infected people in China is increasing by leaps and bounds – the lies behind it