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Experts share follow: peeing in the shower can be harmful to health

Added to leave in the shower, urine, brings benefits. You don’t need to press the toilet flush and saves water and money. Not least, you can save the time for hand washing.

In addition, one might suspect that water is in the shower more hygienic than many bacteria toilet occupy.

However, the pee can damage under the shower, in rare cases, the health experts explain to ''.

When peeing in the shower can make you ill

In principle, the urine is hygienically safe, emphasizes the Urologist Stephanie Side of the Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine.

The liquid excretion. the product consists mostly of water and to smaller Parts of urea, the metabolic products of Urochrome (gives the urine its yellow colour), creatinine, and ammonia.

If you are taking any drug or water-soluble vitamins, can contain the components in the urine.

Recent studies have shown that in the human bladder bacteria exist that contribute to the health of the institution. This can, however, get along with in the intestines and in the Vagina micro-organisms living in the urine.

The need to prepare for a healthy person, no Worries. It is different, if you have bacteria in the body, which can trigger urinary tract infection, or you suffer from a Disease of the urinary tract.

“Theoretically harmful bacteria from the urine could be directed into open Places in the skin and an infection verursachen", Gary Goldenberg, assistant Professor of clinical dermatology at the Icahn School of Medicine in New York explains.

In this way, also, Cellulite is a change in the subcutaneous fat tissue in the thigh and buttocks area can occur when certain bacteria find their way into the body.

Infections only in rare cases

In particular, Shaving or the use of body scrubs can cause cracks in the skin and bacteria, thus, a point-of-entry permit.

Apart from the low – risk of infection or Cellulitis Urination is not connected under the shower but with a health hazard.