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First study shows, how many patients could be due to Corona treat

The last Doctors had seizures a worrying decline in the patients with acute diseases and symptoms, such as heart attacks or stroke, reported. A study by the AOK now shows how drastic the drop is.

Until Recently, much of the capacity in the clinics had been held on the orders of the Federal government for Corona-free patients. But the Feared wave never materialized.

That is why tens of thousands are now nationwide beds are not occupied. The German hospital Association estimates that, nationwide, approximately 150,000 beds are free. Many patients do not, however, for fear of a Virus infection to the hospital. Just patients should be treated with acute illnesses as soon as possible.

Significant decline in the patients with acute diseases

A study by the AOK, the FOCUS Online is, shows the extent of this dilemma. Accordingly, were diagnosed in April of this year, 66 percent less disease of the muscle-skeletal syndrome and the connective tissue than in the same month last year.

More 51 percent fewer respiratory system diseases, 47 percent were diseases less Digestion and 41 percent less cardiovascular diagnosed disease. In the case of the heart attack, provided – and stroke patients, the AOK recorded a decline of 30 percent. Injury and poisoning diagnoses declined by 29 percent.

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Fear of Corona has been retired to doom

As pensioners, Wilfried J. the "Bild" portrays, he would have gotten due to inflammation of the little toe, actually to the hospital. "I have Diabetes, knew of the danger. But because with Corona went off, I didn’t want to for fear of the hospital." The Result: Blood Poisoning. The Doctors had him toes first three, then finally the Whole foot have to amputate.

The fear of being infected in a hospital with the Virus, is unfounded. So the hospitals do everything they can to minimize the risk of Infection. Such as Corona treated patients separated from all other patients. "With the severed Station and the room insulation is no increased risk of contagion for other Patienten&quot is;, example, at the Asklepios hospital in the upper Bavarian town of Bad Tölz.

In the case of Tumor, or stroke symptoms, don’t hesitate

"If you do not need acute treatment, recognize the risk of potentially life-threatening Probleme", Niels Reinmuth, chief of Thoracic Oncology at the Asklepios clinic in Gauting, near Munich, warns. "In the case of a Tumor, a delay may mean that the disease can be more, or very much worse chances of recovery treated."

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Least, had demanded, on the occasion of the day against stroke, the kassenärztliche Vereinigung Niedersachsen (KVN), that people with stroke symptoms should alert in spite of the Corona-epidemic immediately see a doctor or a clinic. Otherwise, a fatal or fatal over the course of the threat. In the case of specialist physicians, the crush of patients had declined in the past few weeks, 30 percent. Even the chronically Ill do not come often to the regular control in the practice.

Also from the policy of the appeal, with more severe symptoms and disease to be examined immediately and, if necessary, treat was last again and again.

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