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Flu jab Tesco 2020: How much is the flu jab in Tesco this year?

The NHS offers a free flu jab to those at risk of serious complications from the flu. However, if you aren’t eligible for the free flu jab you can pay to have the vaccination privately at most pharmacies or in supermarkets. How much is the flu jab in Tesco this year?

The NHS normally offers a free flu jab to those over 65, pregnant people, those with certain medical conditions, and more.

However, this year the flu vaccine will be given to those aged 50 and up.

It will also be given to children in primary school or year 7, some health and social care workers, those who suffer from severe long-term health conditions, and those who care for someone at increased risk of COVID-19.

While the flu vaccine does not protect you against COVID-19, extending the availability to a larger demographic will support the NHS.

Experts think increasing flu jabs will reduce the amount of hospitalisations during flu season, therefore reducing pressure on the NHS.

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Health Secretary Matt Hancock said earlier this year: “It’s mission-critical that we pull out all the stops to get ready for winter, and the Prime Minister has already announced £3 billion to protect the NHS.

“We are now taking another important step to help protect the wider public by giving the flu vaccination to more people than ever before.

“This will be the biggest flu vaccination programme in history and will help protect our NHS as we head into winter.

“If you are eligible for a free vaccine, whether it’s for the first time or because you usually receive one, then I would urge you to get it, not just to protect yourself, but to protect the NHS and your loved ones from flu.”

If you can’t get a flu jab on the NHS but want to get one to prevent symptom confusion (the symptoms of Covid and flu are similar) and protect yourself from the flu, you can get one at a pharmacy or supermarket.

You will be charged up to £20 for this, and you should consult your pharmacist or GP before you get the jab.

You don’t always need to book an appointment, but it’s worth ringing the supermarket or pharmacy before to see how busy they are.

Make sure you wear a mask and comply with supermarket or pharmacy rules.

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How much is the flu jab in Tesco this year?

The flu jab costs £9 at Tesco and is available at selected Tesco pharmacies from around 370 stores.

You should book your jab at Tesco via the online booking system.

Asda’s flu jab is a little cheaper at £8, but you won’t find anywhere much cheaper than that!

Boots offers a jab for £13.99, Lloyds pharmacy for £12.99, and Superdrug for £12.99.

Are there any side effects?

It’s rare for the injected flu vaccine to cause any serious side effects.

However, you should be aware that you may have a mild high temperature and aching muscles for a couple of days after having the vaccine.

If you have the nasal spray vaccine, you may find you have a runny or blocked nose, a headache, tiredness, and some loss of appetite.

If you have had a severe reaction to a flu jab in the past, you should not have one this year.

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