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From home: Online Portal Jameda free video provides consultation for concerned patients

The fear of an infection with the Coronavirus to grow in Germany. Many people do not dare to leave their homes – and it should not in case of emergency. Health portal Jameda offers anxious patients, therefore, now a special service: a free video consultation.

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Patients, the fear of the Coronavirus infected, should not, under any circumstances, directly in a doctor’s offices over. Against this Background, the Online health portal Jameda, and all the General and family doctors as well as patients to provide video consultation for six months free of charge. She is certified by the Association of Shi physicians, so medical consultation is officially approved.

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“We hope to make with this offer, a contribution to slowing the spread of the Virus and, in particular, for the protection of patients in General practices, Doctors and medical staff. It is also a matter of concern for the Doctors who are now in the face of Corona in front of big challenges, real support to offer. For us, it is, of course, to take in a Situation like this responsibility“, explains Florian White, the managing Director of the portal.

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    Nicolas school joke, head of telemedicine, adds: “Numerous conversations with Doctors have confirmed to us: The video consultation is in addressing the requirements of dealing with Sars-CoV-2 at the practices, a very good support. Even if a final differential diagnosis of Sars-CoV-2 office hours exclusively on the Video is not possible, since it presents significant advantages in the protection of practice staff and present patients, as well as to take better care of concerned patients with Corona is suspected of being with itself.“  

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    Video consultation is for each patient easy to book: how it works

    Patients can search on Jameda targeted according to Doctors, to offer video office hours, and at the appropriate physician in a few clicks online a video appointment book. The Patient then receives an E-Mail with a Link to the virtual waiting room of the doctor and a personal TAN number, which he enters at the time of the appointment.

    To use Video consultations to patients only need a PC or Laptop with a Webcam and an Internet connection – a Software Installation is not necessary. The cost of a video consultation will be taken over by the health insurance Fund. Jameda guaranteed to be in the Video office hours moreover, the highest level of confidentiality and privacy.

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