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From realistic new year resolutions to mindful eating goals: Follow these tips for a healthy 2020

Say hello to good health in the coming year!

A new year comes with its own set of dreams and aspirations. There is no denying that while all of that is tempting, it somehow also pushes us to over expect from our own selves. Pointing out how pertinent it is to keep your goals realistic, a team of 500 nutritionists from HealthifyMe have come up with 20 tips for a healthy you in the new year.

If you are looking to make your coming year all about health and fitness, here’s what you must do.

*While the internet can offer you loads of information about diets and workout, they may not work for you. It is important to read between the lines and consult nutritionists on the ground.

*Sleep for seven hours: Most healthy adults need between seven to nine hours of sleep to function at their best.

*Stay away from the screen: Excess screen time negatively affects our posture, and even mood.

*Focus on inch/fat loss: Instead of your weight, focus on losing inches and losing ‘fat’ from your body.

*Water intake: Drink at least three litre of water every day.

*Mindful eating: Fundamentals of mindful eating involve avoiding binge-eating, eating slowly and listening to physical hunger cues.

*Realistic health goals: Setting realistic, time-bound goals work better than long term or extremely ambitious targets.

*Positive body image: Working towards a healthy lifestyle also means changing one’s negative perceptions about their current body appearance. Meditation and having positive affirmations are the key to building a positive body image of self.

*Stop comparing: Each person’s fitness levels, metabolism and nutritional requirements are different. Instead of comparing yourself with others, focus on achieving your own goals.

*Stop following fad diets: Fad diets, especially low-calorie starvation diets, are not sustainable and we need to stop falling for them. Most of the dieters tend to gain weight once they stop following fad diets.

*Cut down on processed foods: Cutting down on the consumption of processed foods can result in higher energy levels and better health.

*Get a blood report once a year: Keep track of your fitness regularly.

*Be in constant touch with nature: Take walks, go on a trek, run a marathon. These are some of the best ways to stay fit.

*Focus on quality family time: It ensures you are at peace with yourself and keeps you mentally fit.

*Focus on stamina, strength and energy levels.

*Track your calories: You can use a diary or monitor it on your mobile via health apps which also offers you detailed information on the calorie count of each food you eat

*Prioritise your goals: Start from easy to achieve fitness and diet goals to tougher ones.

*Use rewards intelligently: Reward yourself on achieving your fitness goals, but do not go overboard.

*Eat more frequently at home: Food cooked at home is fresh and more nutritious, plus it ensures you cut down on unnecessary ingredients that may be harmful/add to the calorie count.

*Don’t stress yourself. Make fitness a fun process: Train your mind to see your fitness regimen as a fun activity. It will ensure you stick to it for longer.

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