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Hayley Hasselhoff's 3 Go-To Tricks for Practicing Self-Love & Body Positivity In the Modeling Industry

SheKnows Entertainment Editor Louisa Ballhaus recently spoke with Hasselhoff about her podcast, her work as a curve model and the “three M’s” she uses to stay positive and practice self-love. Read on for a bit of that wisdom and be sure to check out Hasselhoff’s podcast on Spotify, Apple Podcasts and wherever you listen to podcasts. 

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SheKnows: You have such incredible confidence as a model and actress. Have you always been a confident person, or was it a journey to get there? 

HH: It was a journey to get to where I am, just like anyone’s evolution of self-growth and self-awareness. Yet, I feel I have always been connected to Hayley’s authenticity and was never afraid to stand up for what I believed in. I feel my journey may have been challenged by my size yet I had never felt I defined myself by my size. This came from many years of traveling independently for work, understanding how to serve my needs, and truly speak up for what I needed in the moment.

SK: Were your parents always supportive of your career path? Did they ever worry about your success in such size-ist industries? 

HH: To be honest with you I had never thought of my parents reaction to my success because of my size. Since my family was always so supportive of me and made me feel loved for who I was. Since I started out at such a young age when media wasn’t talking about the curve industry like they are today. It was a great affirmation for me to start to build my confidence around my size outside of everyday life.

My parents were very supportive of myself and my career. It was such a blessing to have them by my side in the beginning of my modeling career and to learn about the importance in being a body activist. That beauty comes in all shapes and sizes.. it helped me to identify with other girls my age who grew up with the same ideas of self around size and then challenge them together. 

SK: Who or what helps you feel confident and calm day to day?

HH: Having a giant toolbox to revert back to is key. I wouldn’t say there is one thing that helps me day to day as my mental health journey still can surprise me with what will serve me in that challenging moment. A few things that have helped me greatly over the years are tapping, breath work, sound baths, essential oils, crystals and hot yoga. If anything I always revert back to leading with the three M’s that’s Mindfulness, Movement and Mental Engagement. 

SK: What’s your #1 tip for tuning out critics?

HH: Being connected to my being and knowing my worth starts with me. That if I was to allow a critic to come into an opinion about myself, the first thing I would identify is what is going on with my relationship with who I am in that moment and start to rebuild from there. [Then I’d identify] what about myself is getting triggered to feel a specific way about who I am and the strength I have to feel grounded in me outside others opinions.

In the podcast we talk to many friends in the industry on what their mental wellbeing journey looks like behind the scenes and how they walk alongside their challenges and still show up for themselves.

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