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Huge mistake in South Korea-study: But no double-infection with Covid-19

Previously it was assumed according to studies in South Korea that people can be infected a second Time with the Coronavirus in addition, there were 277 cases that put this Theory close. The results turned out to be now as false, the scholars have corrected and are certain that a second infection with corona virus directly after infection is not possible.

The Gretchen question: Can you do it now, after a Corona-infection with Covid-19 or not? Germany’s Top virologist Christian Drosten insisted recently that for at least two years, an immunity pass.

South Korean researchers believed, however, recently have studies found that in patients who have survived a Covid-19-illness, the Virus can be reactivated – because that’s exactly what showed on your test results, a Flare-up of infection in people who had survived the viral disease already.

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Measurement error in the case of the first study

The had world triggered great concern, because it was feared that the Virus is uncontrollable mutated. Genetic analyses of South Korean scientists have now found, however, no significant changes of the Virus.

Because of these Corona-back cases, the researchers of South Korea had found niches center for disease control and prevention (CDC), there were measurement errors, which have now been given, such as “Sky News” reported on Friday. imago images/AFLO everyday life in South Korea: fever test in Public.

South Korean researchers: "Impossible that the Virus in the body reaktiviert"

The South Korean CDC now says that it is impossible that the Covid-19 Virus could be reactivated in the human body.

In South Korea, there are more than 10,000 confirmed Coronavirus cases with 245 deaths – a mortality rate of 2.3 per cent and thus below the world health organization stated average of 3.4 percent.


The CDC explained that, in contrast to other viruses such as HIV and chicken pox in the nucleus of human cells from entering and for many years a latent can stay before they are re-enabled, the Coronavirus is from the outside of the nucleus of the host cell remains.

“This means that it does not cause a chronic infection nor a recurrence,” said Dr. Oh Myoung-don, the head of the CDC Committee, to “Sky News”. This means that the patient is unlikely to suffer a relapse. In General, whether it be in the future, however, possible that the Coronavirus mutates and people infected have overcome previously, similar to the flu.

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