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'I defied the odds after being told I'd never walk again'

When Sheila Ormston slipped on her doorstep and broke her neck last November, her life would change forever.

The 69-year-old, from Northumberland, was rushed for surgery but doctors told her family to expect the worst.

She said: ‘I knew immediately I had no feeling from my neck down. We had to be prepared for the worst outcome, that I wouldn’t be here today, but it’s a risk we needed to take.’

After recovering from surgery, Sheila spent three months in hospital learning how to move her body again.

She added: ‘The elephant in the room was always would I be able to walk again, no one knew if it was possible.’

But Sheila’s determination and perseverance saw her walking out of the hospital, when the time came for her to return home.

However, she still struggles to move her hands and uses a mirror to help get her bearings.

She added: ‘I’m very grateful that I’m one of the ones who was able to walk out of the hospital.’

Now, Sheila’s daughters – Nicki and Tracy Crook, from Blyth – are taking part in a two-day walk to raise a goal of £500 for the hospital.

What’s more, Sheila has made the incredible decision to join the group on their last three miles of the walk – one mile for every month she was in hospital.

She added: ‘I’m not stubborn, I’m determined! I don’t even think I walked three miles before the accident so it will be a challenge.’

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