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In spite of the Corona-pandemic: the group, two hospitals want to send in short-time work – Naturopathy naturopathy specialist portal

Criticism: Private hospital group applied for short-time working

The private hospital group Asklepios logs for two clinics in Goslar and Seesen short-time work. This is due to the cancellation of the plan is operations due to the Coronavirus pandemic, and to keep clear of beds for COVID-19-patients and in -patients. The professional Association for Doctors and Medical Marburger Bund criticized the behavior of the group in focus.

The Marburger Bund lower Saxony, criticized the application for short-time working in the Asclepios Harz hospitals, Goslar and Seesen sharp. In Seesen, the group wants to send all employees, and in Goslar, only the medical and therapeutic staff in the short-time work. The Marburger Bund referred to the behavior as “irresponsible”.

Hospitals in Germany, is busy in very different ways

Due to the shifting of planned operations while keeping bed spaces for COVID-19-Concerned in some hospitals to a low operation, because the Coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 is still distributed very unevenly in Germany. While some clinics, like the municipal hospital “Ernst von Bergmann” and the “St. Josef hospital” met in Potsdam already at the capacity limit, plan the Harz clinics to send their employees on short-time work.

Marburger Bund expresses sharp criticism

“This decreed a forced break, tear gaps in the supply”, emphasizes Andreas Hammerschmidt, 2. Chairman of the Marburger Bund lower Saxony. The available personnel capacities are urgently needed. You must be prepared for a possible escalation of the situation. The same is true for the resin, underlines Hammerschmidt.

“Even if in some areas is just not a normal operation, for example, because scheduled operations have been canceled, there is still enough to do,” continues Hammerschmidt. Apart from COVID-19 one should not forget that there are also numerous other emergencies such as heart attacks, strokes, and fractures. In addition, you could not know how the situation develops in the coming weeks.

“Pointless, low guessing and demoralizing!”

Although lower Saxony is still relatively good, this could change within the shortest possible time, warns Hammerschmidt. The clinics should now be prepared to hold all sorts of capacities to be open. “This action makes absolutely no sense, is low, estimating and demoralizing,” the sharp criticism of Hammerschmidt.

Revenue losses to be compensated

Hammerschmidt pointed out that for the failures caused by the postponement of the planned operations, compensations by the Federal government are paid. Also, the Federal Ministry for health holds, short-time working money to ensure the liquidity of the hospital is not necessary.

Uses the group of the pandemic to enrich?

“The Covid-19-hospital relief act was created precisely to compensate for revenue losses and to avoid measures such as short-time work, so that all possible capacities to cope with the Covid-19 pandemic to be kept open,” explains Hammerschmidt. Here is the impression of Asklepios wool on the one hand, take money from the social security package, and at the same time its personnel expenditures for Goslar and Seesen at the expense of the employees and of the state of lower emerging. It come in addition to an escalation of the pandemic in the resin of this step have an impact on the population, so Hammerschmidt.