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Jennifer Garner & Samuel Affleck Look Like Twins on Their Adorable Mother-Son Date

Jennifer Garner and her son Samuel — who Garner shares with ex-husband Ben Affleck — went on an adorable mother-son date on Sunday, and we thought we were seeing double. Fans got to see the actor and her 11-year-old’s matching smiles, cheekbones, and eye shape (unlike his parents, Samuel has baby blues!) while they sat courtside at a Los Angeles Lakers game.

In a series of shots, Garner seems to thoroughly enjoy her night out with her little basketball fan. She wrapped her arm around Samuel, clutched his hand during nail biters, clapped along with him, and took a selfie of the two of them while making a trendy little heart out of her thumb and forefinger.

The two wore blue — a light blue sweater for Garner and a royal blue Steph Curry hoodie for Samuel — and had their rosy cheeks on display. Of course, Garner rocked the natural look she is known for and a clear complexion we have to assume is thanks to her fave face wash.

Garner shares two other children with Ben Affleck, Violet, 17 and Seraphina, 14. Affleck now has two stepkids with his wife Jennifer Lopez, twins Emme and Max, 15. Ben and the Jens seem to be co-parenting goals while “Bennifer” blends their families.

J.Lo told Vogue in Dec. 2022 that Garner is an “amazing co-parent,” and a source told Us Weekly in Nov. 2022 that the women’s relationship really is positive.

“Now that Jen and Jen have been coparenting, they’ve been getting to know each other better and have formed a very new friendship,” the source said.

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This kindness is not surprising from either Jennifer. Garner has been teaching her children to be kind not just by talking the talk, but by walking the walk. This is the case with both their new stepmom and with strangers.

During a conversation with Parents in Nov. 2022, Garner said she once pulled over to help someone cross the street. This act of kindness “wasn’t a huge thing,” but it’s something her kids still talk about. For Garner, teaching her kids about kindness is not about lecturing so much as it is about living.

“I think the most powerful thing to do is to live it, and live it rippling out from your home, whether that’s a next door neighbor or someone at church, taking them a meal and taking your kids along as you do it,” she said. “For something bigger, like really being involved in an organization, let your kids see it matter to you. That’s the way to teach them.”

These celebrity exes are getting co-parenting right.

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