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Katy Perry Goes Just Posted A No-Makeup Selfie, Blackheads And All

That’s why it’s so dang refreshing to see a selfie sans makeup, courtesy of the contour-queen herself: Katy Perry.

Earlier this week, the 35-year-old mum-to-be took to social media to share two pics of herself: one on-set and the other in self-isolation. In the first snap, she’s all dolled up in high heels and a bold red lip. In the second, she’s relaxing in a fluffy robe, her preggo glow fully on-show.

“Pre-quarantine ➡️ mid-quarantine 👍🏻♥️,” she captioned the post. “Hope your stay-at-home plans tonight include joining me for a beautiful and breezy episode of #AmericanIdol, taped in heavenly Hawaii back in January and February.”

The comments about her super-clear complexion came in thick and fast.

“Your skin is is flawless,” one fan wrote. “This pregnancy is doing you SO GOOD,” another added.

“BEAUTY BABY,” someone quipped, to which Katy responded: “Blackheads and all baby.”

Btw, the singer “used to have really bad skin” throughout her 20s. She was even a spokesperson for Proactiv at one point. “It actually solved my acne problem,” she told Refinery29 back in 2018. “I’ve been using it for 10 years and it’s been incredible. I don’t break out because of that.”

Katy’s also big on removing her makeup before bed, according to Elite Daily, and swears by a cleansing oil like Shu Uemura Cleansing Oil. “I used to be deathly afraid of putting oil on my face,” she said. “But it really pulls out the dirt from my skin.”

Obviously, whatever she’s doing is working. Glam or not, the girl looks good!

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