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Maas makes a significant announcement to the German tourists and the holiday countries

The Coronavirus pandemic, keeps the world in breath. More than 6.8 million people with the novel pathogen, Sars have already CoV-2 infected – 183.776 of them so far in Germany.

Covid-19-News from Germany and around the world – the top stories: Corona-Pay in the USA to rise again rapidly (07.26 PM) Maas makes announcement of German tourists and the destination countries (07.19 PM) Corona-new infections are declining in Germany under 300, but the R-value rises again – no state, without new cases (20.28 PM)

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Maas makes announcement of German tourists and the holiday countries

The Federal government will get back, according to foreign Minister Heiko Maas in the summer, no holidaymakers with Coronavirus infections in Germany. "Who infected you in the holiday, for one, don’t assume that we zurückbringen&quot him to Germany;, Maas the &quot said;Image on Sonntag". "Of course, representations are in acute emergencies, our foreign is always ready to support consular. But: The Federal government will not be able to send again in summer flyer, to the German tourists to bring home."

Maas had announced on Wednesday that worldwide travel warning because of the Coronavirus pandemic, from the age of 15. June to lift first, but only for many European countries. "We want to be able to rely on our citizens when they travel, have the greatest possible safety with a view to the spread of the Virus", Mass confirmed in the "BamS". dpa/Bernd von Jutrczenka/dpa Heiko Maas: “We are close partners in the transatlantic Alliance. But: It is complicated.“.

When the travel warning is lifted for countries outside the EU, such as Turkey, left open to the foreign Minister. "There are talks with the Turkish government. We will not aufrechterhalten&quot the travel warning on duration;, Maas said. "When it is so far, but depends on the course of the pandemic."

Maas announced that, in the case of breaches of Corona-protection measures to say very quickly renewed travel warnings against countries for a holiday: "The distance and hygiene rules also apply to the Hotspots. If they are not complied with, can travel to a travel warning will also point again."

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