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Missing workout classes? These workout videos will tie you over until 17 May

Can’t wait to get back to group fitness classes on 17 May? These classes will tide you over until studios are open again. 

It’s been a good week for England’s gym goers now that fitness centres have reopened – allowing people to squat with dumbbells and weighted bars again. But for those who only have a gym membership for the classes, there’s more of a waiting game. Indoor group sessions aren’t allowed to take place until at least 17 May, meaning that training with a plus one (or five) is saved only for the park. 

“I’m a self confessed class-addict and hearing the news that they wouldn’t open until May really got to me,” says Alyss Bowen, Stylist’s social media editor. “Classes are where I get my energy from. I love nothing more than waking up to meet a friend at 7am (go with a friend – it means you can’t cancel) so we can laugh or cry our way round a circuit. They make fitness fun, which is why I’m desperate to get back to my favourite classes!”

It’s true that many people find group fitness much more motivating – and often less intimidating – than a gym environment. While they have obviously been a no-go during lockdown, there have been plenty of online classes that attempt to emulate the ‘all in it together’ attitude of group training. 

So if you want to go to the gym but aren’t sure how to piece together a session without being led by an instructor, are bored of the same videos you’ve been following during lockdown or are simply in need of some motivating spirit to get you through your session, Strong Women’s got your back. Here’s a selection of the best workout videos Strong Women has to offer – from virtual events on IGTV to 10 minute workout tutorials that will inspire you to move. 

Mood boosting full-body workout video

This workout by personal trainer Janine George, from the Strong Women Mood Boosting Weekender, does exactly what it says on the tin: gives you a boost of energy and positivity when you most need it. Let Janine cheer you (and other viewers) on through squats, lunges and press-ups. 

Real time dumbbell workout

If it’s the strength and conditioning you miss being taught, follow along with Alice Miller’s live dumbbell workout. She talks you through the form on all of the moves while getting your muscles (and heart rate) working. 

Like it? There’s more where that came from. Check out the Strong Women IGTV where you can catch up with Alice and Emma’s weekly workouts from lockdown 1 and 2. 

Live afrobeats dance workout

Replicating the energy and moves of a dance class by yourself is no mean feat. So stick on this afrobeats dance workout from the Strong Women Revival weekender to feel alive again. You’ll sweat, laugh and feel part of the crowd. 

Strong Women Training Club

If you’re looking for not one but two new virtual workout classes every week, then sign up to the Strong Women Training Club. With 30-45 minute videos led by some of the best personal trainers in the game, including influencer Alice Liveing and Strong Women’s Emma Obayuvana, the workouts will build strength and improve cardiovascular fitness the fun way. 

Plus, if it’s the community of workout classes you’re missing, you can join our Strong Women Training Club Member’s Facebook Group where you can chat to others, ask questions about nutrition and have access to Q&As with the trainers. 

10 minute workout videos for every goal

The only downside to classes is that you don’t get to chose what the focus of your workout is. That’s where Strong Women’s 10-minute workout routines come in – training videos programmed by certified fitness trainers. 

Want stronger glutes? There’s a circuit for that. Thinking about improving desk posture? There’s a teacher ready to show you how. Struggling to move on your period? Take the quick and gentle class. 

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