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Mum thought she had a stomach bug loses her leg and told fingers will fall off

Sepsis: Dr Chris reveals how to reduce risk of infection

At 44, Lisa Jones was leading a normal, busy life, raising her young daughter and running a cleaning business.

Lisa, from Wrexham, Wales, stirred awake one morning in June around 3am, feeling nauseous.

“I thought it was a tummy bug but, as the days went by, I was feeling more and more ill,” said Lisa.

“I started to dehydrate because if I put anything to my mouth, I would heave and be sick.”

By the fourth day, Lisa’s sister, Tanya, rang for an ambulance as she wasn’t getting any better.

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“When the ambulance came the paramedics put me in a chair… I saw they had a screen with the words ‘suspected sepsis’,” Lisa told WalesOnline.

Sepsis had shut down Lisa’s organs, so medics put her on life support, in a coma, and she had kidney dialysis.

The medical teams didn’t believe that Lisa could survive the life-threatening ordeal.

It took three days for Lisa to regain consciousness at Wrexham Maelor Hospital.

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“I had so many doctors and nurses and consultants coming to me and calling me a miracle, saying I wasn’t supposed to be here,” Lisa said.

Her blood supply to her feet and hands had been impacted by sepsis, which resulted in her limbs turning black.

“They told me I needed to get blood rushing to my feet to save them,” said Lisa.

Sent home after a five-week stay at hospital, Lisa had to teach herself to walk again so that blood could return to her feet.

“I worked so hard at home, pushing myself and trying to move my legs in bed,” Lisa said.

But the black tissue in her foot was growing, and so Lisa required amputation.

Lisa’s fingers are also black and are likely to fall off, although when this will happen is unpredictable.

“I had acrylic nails done three days before this all happened and they haven’t grown, I’ve still got the same perfect pink nails,” said Lisa.

Lisa’s dad, James, has started a GoFundMe page for her, so that the funds can be used to buy an electric wheelchair.

Around 245,000 cases of sepsis occur in the UK each year, according to the UK Sepsis Trust, and almost any infection is capable of leading to the condition.

Sepsis symptoms include vomiting, very high or low temperature, and shivering.

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