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‘My symptoms were dismissed’: Woman, 26, on the menopause symptoms she experienced at 10

This Morning: Early menopause sufferer explains symptoms

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Menopause marks the time in your life when you experience a drop in your hormone levels. Associated mainly with middle age, the condition causes your periods to stop as well as an array of stubborn symptoms. However, in Corinna’s case, the change started much earlier.

From dry vocal cords to migraines, Corinna noticed something was wrong at the age of 10.

She recalled her first symptoms: “I was a child singer and my vocal cords started to be a lot drier and not function properly.

“So, I focused on sports and started getting injured, I had all sorts of breaking bones and joint pain.

“Between 10 and 15, I went to the GP with a count list of these symptoms.”

Corinna also experienced migraines, heart palpitations, sleep problems and anxiety.

“The GP just said ‘It’s because you’re a late developer’.

“I haven’t had my period yet and [the doctor said] ‘This is normal, you’re just a teenager, you’re growing, just wait a few more years’.

“All my symptoms were dismissed.”

At the age of 15, she went to see an endocrinologist, a doctor who specialises in hormones.

Corinna said: “They literally just said ‘Your ovaries don’t work and you’re going to be infertile’ and that was their only concern.

“They put me on a very low dose of HRT just to kickstart my development and they put me on the birth control pill.

“Unfortunately, the birth control pill didn’t really help.”

However, at this point, Corinna still haven’t received a diagnosis.

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