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Pertussis: Pregnant women should be vaccinated

Vaccination against whooping cough, also Pertussis, is recommended for Pregnant women are now officially from the Standing Committee on vaccination (STIKO) at the Robert Koch-Institute. The aim is to protect newborn and young infants against whooping cough and its complications.

According to the STIKO, the women at the beginning of the third Trimester with a Tdap combination vaccine (Tetanus &ndash to; Diphtheria – acellular Pertussis-Kompontenen) be vaccinated to protect the infant passively. A premature birth is likely, should be preferred to vaccination in the second trimester. You should, regardless of the distance to previously administered Pertussis vaccination in every pregnancy. According to the Study, the Tdap vaccination in pregnancy is safe, stressed the experts.

Säugline can not be vaccinated before the age of six weeks itself, therefore, it is according to STIKO is important that the mother has a sufficient level of Vaccination to protect your Baby. From the age of two months up to 14. Month, babies should be vaccinated himself four times against Pertussis.

Vaccination in the frühen the third trimester

For the protection of the newborn is the interval between vaccination point and birth is crucial, writes the STIKO. Optimal this early in the third trimester. Effectiveness data from England showed, however, that a protection is achieved even if one is vaccinated up to three weeks before the birth. How well the infant is protected if the woman is vaccinated in the second trimester, would have to show larger studies.