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Post-holiday detox is a must; here is what you should do

The New Year definitely calls for a healthy beginning.

With the holiday season nearly coming to an end, you may want to look into getting a quick detox done. Especially since the last few days have been about feasting and making merry. While there is nothing wrong about going slightly off-track around this time of the year, the New Year definitely calls for a healthy beginning. There are some things you must absolutely keep in mind; read on.

Dental health and oral hygiene

The days beginning Christmas and leading up to the New Year, are all about binge-eating sugary food — cakes, puddings, cookies and sweets. Do not let your dental health go for a toss. Once the holiday season ends and the daily life begins, get proactive about oral hygiene. Brush twice a day and floss daily, so as to get things back on track.

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Take things slow

January is the month of resolutions, but do not get so involved that you begin to obsess about revamping your entire life. Experts say that you should do one thing at a time, and focus on one day at once. You are already going through a holiday hangover, and a sudden pace may leave you overwhelmed.

The healthy switch

You feel guilty about your indulgences and make the sudden switch of eating everything healthy. While, it is a good thing, you do not have to punish yourself for having a little bit of fun. Experts say that extreme changes are actually counter-intuitive. Take it slow and gradually get into the habit.

Connect with your loved ones

The best kind of detox is one that happens from the inside. When you are mentally in a happy space, your body gives out reactions, too. Research has found that when you are bonding with your loved ones, the hormone oxytocin is released. This can make your diseases, if any, heal faster.

Sleep more 

Festive excitement may have kept you awake, along with the numerous parties that you attended. And now, before you get going with your daily activities, clock in some quality snooze hours. Let your body and mind reboot, so that you get back the energy to deal with regular challenges.

Give your body a break

Fast a little, and let your body naturally detox. Have smaller meals which are peppered with minerals, vitamins and fluids. Have fresh fruits, vegetables and drink a lot of water.

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