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Rules are being tightened: Sweden Corona-strategy collapses

Sweden followed in the Corona-crisis so far, a special path. No prohibition of Contact, no output restrictions – while in Germany and other EU countries, the life is at a standstill, was in Sweden on the common sense of citizens. Now this Belief is crumbling.

The red-green government in Stockholm, followed yet a more liberal policy than Germany or other Scandinavian neighbouring countries. Instead of restrictions was appealed to the sense of responsibility of the population.

However, the rising infection figures put the government under pressure. This week there were the first prohibitions: On Monday, the major ski resorts in the country have been closed since Thursday visits in old people’s homes are forbidden.

Now the government wants broad powers

Now, the Swedish government apparently plans to further pandemic rules. As the public service television channel SVT reported, negotiated by the government up to date with the Opposition about possible special powers in the Corona-crisis. The government should get far-reaching decision-making powers, for example, regarding a potential closure of Restaurants, shops or infrastructure, such as airports. Also, further restrictions of public life, as well as a potential access to, and redistribution of medical equipment, the government should be able to decide this.

The special powers are to be negotiated next week. The opposition parties are against the proposal, according to the report, only the left party is still undecided.

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The Prime Minister of Sweden is expecting "Thousands Toten"

In view of the persistent Corona crisis, Swedish Prime Minister Stefan Löfven with Thousands of deaths attributed to cases in his country. The pandemic in Sweden, the course is slower than in other countries, does not mean automatically that it will ill therefore less Difficult or less Dead, said Löfven on Friday in an extensive Interview with the newspaper "Dagens Nyheter". dpa , Stefan Löfven, Prime Minister of Sweden

In Sweden you follow the strategy to delay the increase in cases of infection, in order not to overwhelm the health services, said Löfven. "But that implies that we will have more seriously ill, need intensive care, we will be significantly more Dead. We will have to reckon with Thousands dead."

Doctor: Intensive care beds could be this weekend fully occupied

In Sweden, to Friday, more than 6000 cases of infection confirmed, which is less than one-tenth of Germany’s proven diseases. So far, 333 people with Covid died in the Scandinavian EU country-19-disease.

The Swedish health authorities reported on Friday that a third of Intensive care beds currently free. But that could change quickly: The Swedish doctor Andreas Hvarfner from the University hospital of Karolinska, said the broadcaster, SVT, that already at the weekend, all the beds might be needed.

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