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Sesame Street Makes Its TikTok Debut With the Cutest Video

TikTok just got a whole lot cuter. Everyone’s favorite preschool series, Sesame Street, just joined the video-sharing platform with the most adorable video.

The official Sesame Street TikTok @sesamestreet debuted their first video on Monday, featuring the Martians known as the Yip-Yips. In the video, the orange Martian and pink Martian are staring at the phone camera, as one says “Tik” while the other repeats “Tok.” At the end, it dissolves into a chorus of “Yip”s. It’s simple and so cute.

“Yip, you read that right. #SesameStreet is on TikTok! 🎉” the video was captioned.

Yip, you read that right. #SesameStreet is on TikTok! 🎉

♬ original sound – sesamestreet

The now-viral video has 983.5k views, with fans commenting their happiness for this dose of nostalgia.

“You just made soooo many 40-somethings extremely happy,” one person wrote. Another commented, “MY FRIENDS FROM THE STREET ARE HERE?!? Hi besties!!!! How’s the old block these days?”

PBS commented, “Hi friends 💙.”

Blippi added, “Welcome to TikTok!”

Even Santa got in on the action, with the official Santa Claus account writing, “Welcome my friends! 💚♥️🎅🏻”

Others are remembering their childhood days. One person said, “I literally cannot say ‘book’ or ‘radio’ without saying in like these guys my head if not out loud. ‘oOoohh bOOk. bookbookbookbook yip.’”

Core memory unlocked. 🤯 #SesameStreet #OldSchoolSesame #Pinball

♬ original sound – sesamestreet

They’ve also posted other videos, including a throwback video of Bert talking about bicycling, and an old-school pinball animation, which Sesame Street captioned, “Core memory unlocked. 🤯 #SesameStreet #OldSchoolSesame #Pinball.”

The brand already gets tons of engagement on Twitter, where it has sparked conversations about racism and made waves when Big Bird got the coronavirus vaccine. We can’t wait to see what kind of fun content Elmo, Big Bird, Bert and Ernie, Grover, and others bring to TikTok! It might be a show for kids, but we all grew up watching it, so it will bring a healthy dose of nostalgia to all our feeds.

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