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Shawn Johnson Nails What It's Like to Talk on the Phone with Kids — & It's So, So True

Kids have a sixth sense when it comes to phone calls. They can be perfectly content, but the second they hear a ringtone chime or a parent say “Hello,” it’s all over. Cue: whining, crying, squabbling, and “MOOOOM!” from across the room. It never fails — and it’s a universal problem. Shawn Johnson’s latest video captures this moment perfectly.

The Olympic gold medalist, who is mom to Drew, 3, and Jett, 1, with husband Andrew East, shared an Instagram reel yesterday that had us dying laughing. 

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At the beginning, Johnson is in the iconic mom-on-the-phone pose. Her hair is in a ponytail, and she balances her cell phone on her shoulder with one ear. Her hand is busy lifting one finger to shush the kids. 

“Telling my kids I need one sec on the phone…” she wrote. 

Every mom knows how that is going to go. 

The video flips to a view of “my kids,” and it shows a clip of a screaming sheep, which is 100% accurate in my opinion. You would think they are in the middle of a dire emergency just because mom is taking a work call — or catching up with friends or scheduling an appointment. It doesn’t matter the reason, the person on the other line, or the duration of the call, every child turns into a screaming sheep when their mama is on the phone. 

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“Anddd suddenly everything is urgent 😂,” Johnson quipped in the caption. Andrew East commented on the post, “I’m laughing so hard.”

Countless other parents could relate to this video. “Every working Mom every day 😂,” one person said. 

“I’d love to say it gets better but mine are 11 and 13 and now they do the Will Ferrell, ‘Ma! The Meatloaf!’ yell from Wedding Crashers anytime I’m on the phone,” one person wrote. 

Another said, “I’m convinced that mothers must emit some scent that kids can smell whenever they’re talking on the phone!”

“Yes!!! Or they start yelling ‘mommy shushed me!’ and take off crying,” one person wrote. Do we all have the same kids? Because this is so true. 

“I am 95% convinced they thing the phone means an emergency — either I have one or they need to create one. Either way. 😂🤦‍♀️,” someone else said. 

“Omg I watched this 10 times in a row!!! I’ve never relayed to anything more in my lifeeeeeeee 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂,” someone else said.

Johnson and East share the funniest parenting content on their social channels, and this is another example of how they just get parents.

These Hollywood parents are an absolute hoot.

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