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A patch against melanoma

Treatments for black skin cancer (malignant melanoma), and often include onerous procedures such as radiation or chemotherapy, the aggressive and recurrent nature of the melanoma cells to counteract. These treatments can tighten the entire body affected. A research team has now developed a gentler method of treatment of cancer using ultra-modern Pave is fought.

Researchers from the American Purdue University showed that the skin can be treated cancer with the help of special Plasters. The patch contains active ingredients that are injected with microscopic needles over a longer period of time in the skin. All the ingredients of the patch are designed so that they degrade with time alone. The results of the study were recently published in the journal “ACS Nano”.

Patch opened a skin cancer therapy

The new patch should open up a skin cancer sufferers have a more pleasant and less stressful therapy compared to the conventional methods. “We have developed a novel portable paving with a fully miniaturized needles, which allows for a discreet, drug delivery through the skin for the treatment of skin cancer,” summarizes biomedical scientist Chi Hwan Lee from the research team.

How does the new patch?

A unique feature of the new patch is that it dissolves in the course of treatment completely. When applying the patch, the smallest nano to be injected with needles of silicon in the skin and remain there. While the surface of the patch dissolves after a short time, to build the silicon needles inside of several months and release it after the other active ingredients against skin cancer.

The treatment causes pain?

“The uniqueness of our technology is derived from the fact that we have used extremely small, but durable silicon Nano-needles with sharp, angular peaks, which can be easily and pain to penetrate freely into the skin,” says Lee. This is a long-allow-lasting and gentle delivery of anti-cancer therapeutics.

The research team is currently looking for partners for the production and marketing of the pavement, so that they can be used for the treatment of cancer. (vb)

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