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Social Isolation is harmful to your health greatly

People in social Isolation die more often from heart attacks, strokes and other reasons. The research results were presented on the virtual Congress of the European Academy of neurology (EAN) will show. Money worries can increase the risk for serious diseases of the cardiovascular system.

Researchers from the University hospital of Essen had collected data from 4.316 to people over an average of 13.4 years together. In this time, it came to 339 cardiovascular events such as heart attacks or strokes, and 530 deaths. From this, scientists calculated that a lack of social Integration increased the future risk for cardiovascular events by 44 percent, and for a case of death by 47 percent. The lack of financial support was associated with a 30 percent higher risk for cardiovascular events.

"We have known for some time that the feeling of loneliness or lack of contact with close friends and family effects on physical health have kann", Dr. Janine Gronewold said. "This study shows us that strong social relationships for the health of your heart are of great importance, similar to the role of the traditional protective factors such as healthy blood pressure, acceptable cholesterol level and normal weight."

These results throw a different light on the restriction of social contacts due to the Covid-19-pandemic: "We still don’t understand why people who are socially isolated, have poor health outcomes, but this is obviously a worrying finding, especially in times of ongoing social Distanzierung", Dr. Gronewold says.