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Sylvia Jeffreys Wants All New Mums To Know She’s Feeling Anxious In Isolation Too

After giving birth to baby Oscar just five weeks ago, Sylvia Jeffreys is feeling it. Which is why she’s reaching out to other mamas who are also struggling in self-isolation.

“While it’s a good time to be living in a little 💓 bubble with nowhere to go, I’m conscious of the confusion and anxiety that many new mums might be feeling right now,” the 33-year-old TV presenter wrote on Instagram. “Mother’s groups – a social lifeline for many – have been cancelled, libraries closed, cafes are being avoided.”

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Her suggestion? Embrace online communities – something that’s especially relevant with a nation-wide lockdown looming.

“I just wanted to send some love and virtual hugs to other mamas out there who might be feeling extra isolated,” she said. “Drop a comment below if you want to connect, chat about reflux, LOL about 💩namis, recommend some binge-worthy series, or share your sleep secrets. Let’s chat and be kind and stay connected. Big love, from us 💓 #togetherathome.”

Sylvia’s offer has already been accepted by hundreds of mums, with many sharing what has helped them pass the time since being stuck indoors. 

“Definitely on lockdown with my two-week-old Bub and feeling lonely with no village,” one wrote. “Having some guilt too as I’m an ICU RN and am thinking of my colleagues. Really enjoying Love is Blind for some trash reality TV in these serious times or Line of Duty for some gritty British crime drama.”

“Giving your friend a call and keeping communication open is vital,” another added. 

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Lucky me 💓💥 @peter_stefanovic

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Lucky me 💓💥 @peter_stefanovic

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Others simply shared how they were feeling in times of such uncertainty.

“I have a 10-week-old baby boy and staying home is out best option atm. We do go for daily walks to get fresh air and mum to get some exercise. Hope you are enjoying motherhood just as much as me,” one comment read.

“My partner and I have decided to go in lockdown before our induction next week,” said a second. “We don’t want to risk him being unable to be in the delivery room after a difficult pregnancy. Certainly not how we envisioned bubs coming into this world and now we need to decide on whether or not grandparents can be a part of this. Praying for all the pregnant and new mummas that they can get through these next few weeks of uncertainty.”

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