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These Are The Best Self-Care Prime Day Deals For Each Zodiac Sign

It’s Amazon Prime Day on July 11 and 12, 2023, which means deals on everything on Amazon you can imagine, including your favorite self-care and wellness items. You can use this opportunity to get yourself a little self-care moment, or you can shop for a friend. But how do you know what to pick out in the vast expanse that is the Amazon homepage on Prime Day?

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That’s where we — and some of our trusty astrology experts — come in. To find for the best products for your individual self-care vibe, shop based on your Sun sign, a.k.a. your zodiac sign. Every sign has its own way of doing wellness and feeling its best self. For example, whether you’re a Pisces or an Aries will make a big difference as to whether you’ll unwind with a bath ritual or with a workout.

Plus, it’s currently Cancer season and Leo season is around the corner, so this also serves as a birthday gift guide for all your Cancer and Leo friends — you’re welcome for that.

Check out these wellness astrology gifts for every sign.

This and all the incredible discounts on Prime Day are for Amazon Prime members. If you’re not a member just yet, be sure to sign up here to take advantage of all the great Amazon Prime Day 2023 deals you can score.

  • Aries: Workout Mat

    Image Credit: Amazon

    Fiery Aries have so much energy to give. “Aries are energetic and competitive, and love a challenge, for both mind and body,” says Ophira Edut, celebrity astrologer, founder of and one half of the @astrotwins.

    A mat like this Gaiam Folding Yoga Mat is super versatile not just because you can take it anywhere, but you can also use it in a variety of ways: for a few restorative yoga poses, for a sweaty vinyasa flow, or to pad your knees during certain workouts. It’s also up to 32% off with Prime. 

    Gaiam Folding Yoga Mat$16.92
    Buy now

  • Taurus: Massager

    Image Credit: Amazon

    “Taurus literally is self-care,” says Narayana Montúfar, senior astrologer at They’re all about luxury and great value. And what’s better value than not having to pay for regular spa massages but having regular in-home massages? 

    Edut suggests a self-massager for your favorite Taurus (or yourself) so that they can indulge and relax. This Raemao massager is now 75% off for Prime Day. It comes with 15 different attachments for whatever you’re feeling and can operate at 10 different speeds. 

    RAEMAO X6 Massage Gun $49.99
    Buy now


  • Gemini: Self-Care Truth or Dare

    Image Credit: Amazon

    Gemini is a sign that’s all about duality, thanks to its symbol, the twins. It’s an intellectual air sign, so Geminis tend to get caught up in worry about small, granular things, explains Montúfar…that’s all the more reason they need something to take their mind off things, like a little Self-Care Truth or Dare. 

    Self-Care Truth or Dare $13.97
    Buy now


  • Cancer: Cooling Weighted Blanket

    Image Credit: Amazon

    Cancers are notoriously homebodies, so Montúfar recommends any gift that can help them unwind and rest. They’re very career-oriented and tenacious, too, so having more “me-time” is always good for a Cancer, Montúfar adds. 

    If you’re a Cancer, invest in a weighted blanket that can help reduce anxiety but also keep you cool and sweat-free in the warmer months. Trust us, you’ll thank us when you curl up in bed. 

    Betu Weighted Blanket $59.99
    Buy now



  • Leo: Paint Kit

    Image Credit: Amazon

    “Leos love to make a colorful and dramatic statement,” says Edut. What better way to do that than with some art? Because Leos are ruled by the Sun, they tend to be very creative, adds Montúfar. 

    This paint set allows you to folow along with the design of a serene nature scene, but take all the liberties you want with the colors. 

    BAISITE Paint by Numbers for Adults $19.99
    Buy now


  • Virgo: Personal Blender

    Image Credit: Amazon

    Virgos are all about healthy eating and wellness, and love natural foods, our astrology experts say. A personal blender and juicer like this one is portable, easy to clean, and rechargeable, and comes with a straw so you can sip on-the-go. Make yourself a smoothie, slushie, or green juice every morning (you can literally make it in the car). 

    Get it while it’s 25% off! 

    PKBD Portable Blender $22.49
    Buy now

  • Libra: Rose Quartz Mask

    Image Credit: Amazon

    “Libras like to be surrounded by beauty since they’re ruled by the planet Venus,” Edut says. Montúfar adds that Libras are very focused on health and wellness, but in an elevated sense.

    The crystal associated with the sign Libra is rose quartz, which is why Montúfar suggests this rose quartz soothing eye mask. It’s meant to relieve fatigue and help with circulation around your eyes, and it’s 10% off now. 

    ideayard Rose Quartz Eye Mask$45.99
    Buy now



  • Scorpio: Blackout Curtains

    Image Credit: Amazon

    Scorpios are a “deeply sensitive, mysterious sign,” who “often like rituals,” Edut says. So she recommends something than can help with their nightly sleep ritual and make the room as dark as possible. 

    Check out these blackout curtains for the Scorpio in your life. 

    StangH Black Velvet Curtains $26.95
    Buy now

  • Sagittarius: Workout Dress

    Image Credit: Amazon

    People born under Sagittarius are known for a love of exploring new places and learning new things, but sometimes they tend to bite off more than they can chew. “This sign can get consumed by too many projects, so you might choose easy workout clothes that can pass as daywear, since this sign is often on the go,” Edut says. 

    Pick out a workout dress that you can literally take from day to flight. It’s perfect for tennis or Pilates, but also works for a Zoom call or errand run. 

    Jack Smith Women’s Tennis Dress$35.99
    Buy now

  • Capricorn: Desk Support Pillow

    Image Credit: Amazon

    “There’s a misconception that Capricorns are all about career,” says Montúfar. They are partially work-oriented, but also need help relaxing and practicing self-care because they tend to worry quite a bit, Montúfar adds.

    This lumbar support pillow gives you a little extra care all day. It works with a desk chair, yes, but you can also use it in the car or on a gaming chair. 

    PYXAYS Lumbar Support Pillow $49.99
    Buy now

  • Aquarius: Meditation Cards

    Image Credit: Amazon

    Aquarius is definitely a “sign of the mind,” according to Montúfar. Anyone born under Aquarius is interested in “anything that’s going to make them stand out,” That includes rainbow colors. 

    This Color Meditation Deck is the perfect gift to (temporarily) quiet an Aquarius mind. You can choose from over 500 prompts that involve color in general, some of which involve art and drawing to exercise your creativity. 

    The Color Meditation Deck $21.23
    Buy now

  • Pisces: Bath Soaks

    Image Credit: Amazon

    Pisces is the ultimate water sign, ruled by Neptune, who is, you guessed it, the Roman god of the sea. Most people with Pisces signs are very into both bath time and nighttime rituals, the astrology experts say. This grounding lavender and jasmine herbal tea soak is an amazing gift for your pisces friend or a perfect way to treat yourself at bedtime. 

    Moon Bath Botanical Bath Tea$22
    Buy now

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