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Try these gentle full-body workouts for when you're feeling really tired

It’s the end of the week, and we are feeling it.

The relentless grind or getting up for work – plus trying to fit in a social life and some self-care – is exhausting. So, if you’re yawning your way through the day, know that you’re not alone.

It’s normal to experience bouts of tiredness. Adult life is tough. But when you have fitness goals that you’re trying to stick to, being derailed by feeling sleepy isn’t what you want.

So, should you still workout when you’re tired? Is it better to just rest? And if you do decide to do some fitness – what should you be doing?

‘It depends how much you have already exercised over the week,’ says Anthony Mayatt, founder of Breathe Fitness.

‘You could be tired because you’ve over-trained, which means rest is needed. However, if you are just feeling tired in general, then light exercise could really help.’

Polly Hale, director of The Fit Mum Formula, agrees: ‘Sleep is important for weight-loss, muscle building and workout recovery as well as immunity and mental and general health. It should always be a priority,’ she tells us.

‘But exercise can actually help both improve energy levels and improve sleep quality, so it’s definitely worth making the effort.

‘Exercise first thing in the morning is especially helpful as it’s when your natural cortisol levels are highest so you’ll be able to benefit from the hormone’s energising effects, and it tells your body that morning is for waking up.’

Although, Polly does admit that everyone’s body clock is slightly different.

‘So, as long as it’s not right before bed, pick the time when you’re most energetic during the day to workout, and don’t forget good nutrition which is even more important when you’re run-down. Plenty of protein and some carbs to fuel workouts and recover afterwards.’

However, if you’re genuinely really exhausted, Polly says there’s more of a danger that you could get injured. So you have to listen to your body.

‘It’s not the time to go heavy on the weights or aim for a PB on a run’ she says.

‘Pay extra attention to technique – being tired is when you’ll make mistakes like letting your knees cave in while squatting, which could lead to knee problems.’

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