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Vest platforms or bulletproof vest?

Everyone should make this decision for himself independently. It is necessary to start from the task a person performs and the risks he assumes, and accordingly choose the type of armor, because it is always weight and mobility.

For example, those standing at roadblocks, in trenches, who move on top of equipment, and whose tasks are not too mobile, it is better to take body armor (if you have a choice), because it protects a large area of the body from debris and, if desired, add plates. Those who prefer mobility are more likely to choose plate wear with plates to make it easier for them to move.

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Types of body armor by wearing type

Flak jackets can be concealed and worn externally.


From the name it is clear that the presence of such equipment on the body is not flaunted to others. They are used by bodyguards, security guards, businessmen, dignitaries.

A concealed carry vest should either be easy to hide under normal clothes or be as unremarkable as possible. It can look like a classic vest or jacket. There are also very compact and light models that are invisible under a shirt or even a T-shirt. Soft ballistic fabric makes it possible to produce protective equipment that follows the curves of the body as closely as possible.

The most common models of body armor, designed for concealed wear, have the first or second class of protection, thickness up to 1 cm and weighs about 1.5 kg.

The best concealed carry vests are those made of Nomex or Kevlar. They are strong, lightweight and reliable in their class of protection.

And even designed for concealed wear vests can be equipped with thin plates of composite ceramics or titanium alloys.


For more serious protection, outdoor vests, which have a higher protection class, are used.

Choosing the best body armor, you should keep in mind that for the production of these personal protective equipment, different manufacturers use almost the same materials. Therefore, the main parameter is the appropriate protection class. And the important characteristics should be the maximum area of protection, weight and compactness, as well as the convenience of fittings, which allows you to adjust the model to the peculiarities of the figure.