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Viral video with gloves and paint shows we need to follow handwashing diagrams

We’ve all heard why we should be washing our hands more and been told all sorts of songs you can sing for 30 seconds so you’re doing it for long enough.

But one viral video shows why you really need to follow the technique to clean everywhere, or some germs could remain and spread.

A video posted on Twitter by Harjinder Singh Kukreja shows someone wearing a pair of gloves and using black paint to represent soap.

It shows how the paint (or soap) only spreads and covers everywhere when you do each of the techniques.

The video has had over 16 million views on Twitter, 157,000 likes and 144,000 retweets.

People love the demonstration and have commented to say how useful it was.

It might be something to do with kids to explain the importance of washing your hands properly.

One person said: ‘Nice, now that’s a real education! I miss the knuckle part sometimes.’

Another person added: ‘This is excellent!

‘(Also, as a test, if you leave (washable) colour on your hands and sit in front of the TV for an hour or so, it’ll show how often you touch your face. You’d be surprised.)’

‘This is the best thing yet. 20 seconds is pointless if you keep missing areas,’ someone else added.

Please, please, please wash your hands!

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