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Virus Alert! China-in Wuhan, a city calls on residents to leave the city

Because the Coronavirus is spreading rapidly, taking the Chinese government is now drastic measures. The inhabitants of the metropolis of Wuhan, where the Lung sickness, your epicenter, not to leave the city. The airport and railway stations will be closed on Thursday morning, the public transport set. People may leave the city only with a special permit. In Wuhan, about eleven million people.

The world health organization (WHO) has decided, meanwhile, despite the rapid increase in the number of infections no "public health emergency of international Tragweite" declare. A panel of experts that advises the WHO, saw on Wednesday, no occasion, but wanted to days, on Thursday next.

The number of deaths due to the novel lung disease in China was increased on Wednesday by leaps and bounds on 17. With more than 200 to Demonstrate, within a day, the number of detected Virus infections increased sharply. It is so far, with 544 people in China are known to suffer from the lung disease, reported the Chinese edition of the "Global Times".

Lung specialist explains how dangerous this new Coronavirus is

PCP lung specialist explains how dangerous this new Coronavirus is

Also outside of China for more infections with the Coronavirus have been known. For the first time, a case was reported in the United States.

In Europe, there is as yet no evidence. According to the Federal government, the spread of new pulmonary disease just means a "very geringes" Health risk for the people in Germany. There is no reason to fall now on alarmism, said a spokesman of the Minister of health, Jens Spahn (CDU).

US Ill came from Wuhan

In the USA, a man was ill, after a trip to the Chinese city of Wuhan on 15 may. January was returned to the West coast metropolis of Seattle, informed the US health authority CDC on Tuesday (local time). The man in his 30s’ve noticed the return trip, still no symptoms, but later on for the investigation in a hospital issued. His condition was good. There is a very low risk that he could have infected more people, it said. The authorities had a list of people with whom the man had contact.

The disease had previously been detected in Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, and Thailand – so far, always in people who had stayed before in China. In Thailand with two new cases, there are four Sufferers, as the health Ministry announced. Thailand’s authorities have been checked, therefore, since the beginning of January, around 20 000 people for possible symptoms, such as fever, which had come flying from Wuhan.

Corona Virus spreads: Significantly more Infected than previously thought

FOCUS Online/Wochit/News5 Corona Virus is spreading from: Significantly more Infected than previously thought

The Virus could have come from the fish market

Russia wants to strengthen the controls at all border posts. "We want to help prevent the Coronavirus in our country introduced wird", Jelena Jeschlowa of the Russian consumers, said the protection authority to the Agency Tass according to. Especially at around 4200-Kilometer-long border with China and tear to the end with the temperature measurements and, in addition, interviewed in a controlled manner.

It is believed that the new Coronavirus from a fish market in Central China’s 11-million-coming metropolis of Wuhan, the wild animals were sold. You go out at this time that the source was a wild animal on the market, said Gao Fu, Director of the Chinese center for disease control. Accordingly, there was, first, Transfers from the animal to the people, before the Virus adapted to its new host, and it came to Transfers between people.

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Trip shaft amplifies the risk of infection

With the current travel boom to the Chinese new year festival next Saturday, the risk of the spread of the virus disease is growing. In the case of the largest annual travel wave of the country some Hundreds of millions of Chinese are on the move. Health experts fear that a particularly contagious could spread the end of a patient, the Virus, faster. So-called Super-propagator (engl. Super spreader), it had also given also of China recent Sars pandemic, of the 2002/2003 around 800 people fell victim to.

The new Virus belongs to the same type of Virus, it is just a different – according to the current state variant of the more harmless -. Just because of the memories of the Sars outbreak, a new disease is in people in China has become a ubiquitous theme. The country was then virtually come to a standstill, schools were over weeks closed. Sars virus belong to the coronavirus, the cause is often harmless illnesses like colds. However, also pathogens of dangerous respiratory diseases such as Mers belong.

In Beijing, an unusually high number of people with protective masks are now on the road. In some stores they sold out already. Families discussed whether the planned travel over the holidays should be cancelled.

Experts are convinced that travelers will bring the new lung disease, at least occasionally, to Europe. The world health organization (WHO) had convened because of the lung disease your emergency Committee. The experts do without for the time being, to declare a state of emergency. The EU Commission also planned to assess the risks posed by the new lung illness, a Meeting.

What is a health emergency, a point?

The WHO can declare an international health emergency and, therefore, tougher measures to combat the disease, recommend. As in China, more than 17 years ago, the Sars Virus emerged, recommended by the WHO measures, such as fever measurements at airports in the affected Region. So that might be Diseased should be recognized, and the trips held. Airports in other countries, such as Singapore installed for passengers to and from aircraft gates with thermal imaging cameras. So you wanted to filter the feverish passengers out. Then there was the WHO procedure for the Declaration of an “emergency of international concern” (public health emergencies of international concern; PHEIC) have not yet.

Even after the outbreak of the swine flu in 2009, the WHO empfahlt such measurements. Researchers at the University of Perth in Australia came in a study in 2015 to the conclusion that the measures were not effective. In Singapore in 2009 of 116 swine fever had been Infected only 15 at the airport, discovered in Japan only 10 of the 151 passengers had noticed, had later this flu form. Travelers can be infected, therefore, and infect others before they develop symptoms such as fever.

Also, the Robert-Koch-Institute (RKI) in Berlin, it was said that there is no scientific evidence for the effectiveness of so-called Entry Screening at airports, so controls at the port of entry. Useful Exit Screening in of a disease of the shaft, in particular affected areas. Wuhan has implemented the appropriate controls at the exit already.

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