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War of the willies! Data reveals the average penis size for countries

War of the willies! Data reveals the average penis sizes around the world… and you won’t like where the US and UK rank

  • Researchers have combed through more than 40 studies to reveal penis sizes
  • Showed that Ecuador and Cameroon topped the list of nearly 90 nations
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The countries with the world’s largest penises have been revealed, but it’s bad news if you are from the US or the United Kingdom.

On average, men who live in Ecuador and Cameroon have the biggest members, with penises measuring nearly seven inches (17cm) from the root to the tip of the head when erect.

The US and UK didn’t even make the top 50, with America languishing at 60th with men having an average size of 5.4in (13.5cm) — nearly a third shorter. Britain was in 68th place, with a penis size of 5.2in (13.1cm).

Researchers behind the list said they struggled to find a connection between penis length and height but found countries with higher obesity rates tended to have smaller members, which could explain the distribution of fat tissue.

The above graphic shows the top 20 countries by penis length, measured from the base of the shaft, or root, to the tip of the head when erect. Researchers in Germany collected data from nearly 90 countries 

To find out which countries have the largest penises, researchers in Germany combed through more than 40 recent studies involving thousands of men.

The team extracted data on average penis size from nearly 90 countries, with the measurements having been independently verified.

Wherever possible, the team avoided using studies where men had self-reported their penis size.

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The research found women with Nordic heritage topped the chart with size C to D breasts on average, while those from Vietnam had the smallest. 

In cases where individuals had a fat pad above the penis, this was slightly compressed to help with measurements.

These were all averaged for each country and then converted into inches to allow for comparison between different nations. 

Previously, fitness instructors have said men can add inches to their penis by simply losing weight.

Out of the top 20 countries, half were in Africa, while three were in South America, North America and Europe.

Only one of the top nations for penis length was Asia.

The European countries with the largest penis sizes overall were the Netherlands — ninth at 6.2in — France — 11th at 6.2in — and Italy — 19th at 6in. 

In North American countries, men Haiti ranked fifth at 6.3in, Cuba at eighth at 6.2in and Canada at measured in at 13th with 6.2in.

At the other end of the scale was Cambodia, with an average penis size of 3.95in. 

Myanmar followed it — 4.21in — the Philippines — 4.27in — and Sri Lanka — 4.29in. 

Researchers also collected average male height per country and found little connection between height and penis size.

They did not look at the circumference of the shaft of the penis by country. 

Doctors say that the length of a man’s penis is primarily determined by genetic factors rather than lifestyle.

The penis develops in the womb and during puberty, where hormones like testosterone drive its growth.

But some studies have suggested a link between its length and height, including a paper involving nearly 5,000 Italian men, which found ‘height is proportional to the length of the penis in flaccidity and in erection’. 

Men who are overweight or obese may appear to have smaller penises because of excess fat in the pubic area.

Men who are overweight or obese may appear to have smaller penises because of the distribution of fat tissue (stock image)

In terms of preference, some studies have found that women prefer men with larger penises for one-time sexual encounters.

But for a long-term sexual partner, researchers at the University of California, Los Angeles, said that women generally prefer men with smaller penises.

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