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Weihenstephan calls nationwide, milk and cocoa

A production error could lead to premature spoilage of the affected batches, according to the free singer company on Friday. The technical Problem is now fixed.

Important: at The current time are health problems, according to the company unlikely but could not completely be excluded.

H-milk and cocoa affected

Affected are, therefore, the One-Liter Tetra packs of “Weihenstephan H-milk of 3.5%” with the date of minimum durability 8. January 2020 , as well as of the “Weihenstephan H-cocoa” with a date of minimum durability 19. February 2020.

All of the other varieties, the products and the shelf life of the brand Weihenstephan are not affected.

Product will be refunded

The product to spoil early, this visually and through the smell clearly visible, said the dairy.

Consumers who have the above products listed with the specified minimum durability data to your home, to bring the appropriate products to back. There, the product will be replaced or refunded.

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